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I remember that as a student I barely knew how to write a conclusion. I would finish the whole essay but get stuck on this last pesky little paragraph. It was a strange feeling as the conclusion came so easily to most of my peers.

But, not me! This is why I sat down with my teachers so that I could learn how to write one.

Now, if you are in a dilemma, and are wondering about how to write a conclusion then I can be of help to you. I can tell you all that I learned from my professors.

If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

What to Include in a Conclusion?

This was the question that haunted me. What exactly should I put in my conclusion? What do I write? What do I exclude? Here is what I was told.

Number 1: Thesis

The very first thing that should come in your concluding paragraph is your thesis. Yes, I know that you have stated it before but you need to write it again.

And remember, use different words than the ones you used in your introduction but talk about the same thing.

Basically, tell your readers what your paper was about. The point that you had been trying to prove.

This should be the very first sentence of your conclusion. And from this sentence, you can write the rest of the paragraph.

All you have to do is expand your thesis or hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

Number 2: Summary

Up next is the summary of your paper. But it should be very brief. Basically, you need to restate the main points of your essay.

In most cases, the main points of the paper are stated in the thesis and then they are written separately in the body paragraphs.

So, each body paragraph will address a separate argument. Usually, we have at least three arguments but they can be more.

In conclusion, you will restate these arguments. There is no need to give the evidence, an essay writer has done that in the main essay. Just state your main points and move on.

Number 3: Reflection

This is the last thing that you will include in your conclusion. A reflection. A reflection of what exactly? Well, your topic, of course.

Here you will need to answer a few questions. What exactly is the point of your essay? Why is it important? What is the purpose of your arguments? What does it prove?

And last but definitely not least, what should we care about?

Answer these questions and write a short reflection in one to two lines. And you are done.

What not to Include?

The one thing that I was always warned against was new ideas. They are generally great, but not in a conclusion.

Number 1: New Ideas

Now, there are many reasons as to why you can’t do this. You see, the conclusion is like the summary of your paper so introducing new stuff is a big no-no.

You have the time to introduce whatever you want in the introduction. But, after that, focus on the stuff that you have already introduced.

If you introduce new stuff here, it will just confuse the readers. You don’t have enough space in this paragraph to explain new ideas.

So, it is best if any and all new thoughts are just kept to yourself.

Is It Still Confusing?

It can be. But if that is the case then you should seek out some expert help.

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Either way, contacting a writing agency is never a bad idea.

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