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In the educational journey, essay writing is an indispensable route for learning at every academic stage. But, only a few students can effectively master this art. No doubt, practice makes a man perfect so as they keep practicing, students are able to boost their writing skills. To have a prosperous and perky future ahead, it is vital to learn from mistakes and catastrophes in life.

When it comes to narrative essay writing, students can evade mistakes at the first stand, if they have knowledge of the most important do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing a personal narrative. It will not only help them write well but ends the association of anxiety and tension with writing an essay.

Although essays differ in their types, forms, and techniques, there are some general patterns that can be observed in each type, and narrative essay writing is no different. Moreover, there are a number of free essay samples available online, that students can take assistance from. This will help gain a broad overview of what a narrative essay is supposed to look like.

However, one should also be aware of certain rules and techniques to shape a personal narrative. Most of these rules can also be applied to other kinds of essays. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts below or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Do’s for Narrative Essay Writing

  • Do write a paper that can be read simply.
  • Do state a thesis statement in the intro section.
  • Do use transitions in the middle of fragments of an essay.
  • Do put examples.
  • Do use suitable vocabulary.
  • Do craft a simple sentence structure.
  • Do choose an appropriate layout and style of an essay.
  • Do use a simple tone to determine your writing purpose.
  • Do review your essay comprehensively.

After considering the do’s, now have a look at the don’ts that need to be avoided to build a complete, eye-catching, and error-free piece of writing.

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Don’ts to ponder for Essay Writing

  • Don’t overwhelm your essay with thoughts and opinions.
  • Don’t abandon key parts of the layout.
  • Don’t apply old and used clichés.
  • Don’t allow Typos to spoil the essay.
  • Don’t rely only on Grammarly and other spell corrector software.
  • Do not plagiarize content.
  • Do not openly address the reader of the essay
  • Don’t commence an essay with “This essay / my topic” phrase.
  • Don’t use a negative tone or informal adjectives.

Important points to consider

An easily readable narrative essay clarifies the main idea of the topic and is clear enough to let the reader grasp the desired point easily. Avoid using a bunch of complex words to create a word salad. Just try to stick to standard structures to organize and express your ideas

Furthermore, ensure that your essay has a proper thesis statement that portrays the central idea of your write-up in a transitory format. Secondly, it is highly advisable, though not mandatory, to use the past tense to narrate an account in your essay and maintain the same tense throughout.

The Easy way out

Keeping a close eye on these Do’s and Don’ts to make your life stress-free and avoid writing errors. These steps will actually provide you a well-directed path and help you ensure consistency in sticking to the topic.

However, if you still feel the need for detailed guidance, then simply seek assistance from a legit write my paper service online to become familiar with the actual requirements of writing a narrative essay. An expert writer would produce different model papers for you on your given prompt and instructions that you can use to make an impressive one of your own.

Finally, the most imperative thing to ponder is creating plagiarized-free well-referenced content, or let a professional essay writer fix your references for you, to leave a good impression on the instructor.

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