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Narrative essays are written to tell stories about particular events or experiences. In these essays, the writer tells a story to prove his/her point. All of the elements of a good story or narration or used in a good narrative essay. However, they all are directing to the single point that the writer is trying to convey. It is one of the several types of academic essays. Despite having all elements of a good story, it is not equal to a story. If you are facing any difficulties with outlining your narrative essay then you can take the help of a ‘cheap essay writing service’ service free online. It will help you to get a clearer view of what must be included or not to be included in a narrative essay. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of a narrative essay are:

  • The writer acts like a storyteller, therefore, it is written in first-person, informal.
  • Have a purpose to inform, make a point.
  • Detailed. The writer paints a picture of the setting by providing details.
  • Non-fictional. The writer tells about the actual experiences and does not just make up a story. If you include a fictional story, it is no more a narrative essay.
  • Despite including all components of an essay, the narrative essay is different from the story.

Key components of a narrative essay

Before setting pen to paper, you should know the components of a narrative essay. Such type of essay has several key components. If any of these components is missing in your essay, it is not a narrative essay. Let’s look into these key components:


It is very crucial to compose an effective narrative essay. The thought of creating a mysterious plot for your essay is quite intimidating. However, you should know that it is not so difficult. You just have to present various events that are happening in your story in a sequence. It is like the outline of your story and the backbone of your essay.


This is crucially important to keep the reader engaged in your essay. By providing details in your essay you paint a picture for your reader. You should know that you have effectively utilized this component in your essay if your reader feels like he/she is teleported to another place while reading the essay. Simply pay for essay and get it done now.


How can there be a story without characters? These are characters who are driving the engine of your story. There must be a protagonist and an antagonist to make the story interesting. Usually, it is the protagonist, also called as the hero of the story, who drives the story. The whole story revolves around him/her. He is on a journey and antagonists stop them from reaching the end of their journey. However, they overcome the antagonists and make it to the end.

Point of View

You are not just rambling on in your narrative essay, but you have a clear point to make. Your whole essay is focused on that point. Your story is to support and prove that point. You are telling the story to inform the readers about the motivation behind that story. To get rid of this tiring writing process, simply ask others to write my essay online.


It should be clear. After reading your essay, one should be able to take away something. If you have narrated a moral story, one should be able to understand the moral of the story. If your narrative essay was about flying, readers must have been flying by the end of the essay.


It is what makes the story interesting. As said earlier, the protagonist faces many difficulties in his/her way to the end. Coming over these hurdles and facing the antagonist falls under this component. This is also a great way to persuade the audience to sympathize with either the character or the narrator.

To write a stellar narrative essay you should have mastered each of these components of the essay. Combining all these elements in your essay would fetch a custom essay writer A-grade from even his strict professors.

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