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Confused about why your persuasive essays are being rejected by your instructor?

If yes. Let me tell you why. This is because you are making some of the most common mistakes that every new writer or student makes while writing persuasive essays. A good essay writer knows about these mistakes and he does not repeat them.

In schools, colleges, and universities students are usually asked to write essays on different topics or either decide their topic and write an essay on that. In higher classes, different types of essays are introduced to familiarize students with them and help them write effectively.

These essay types include expository, argumentative, rhetorical, and persuasive essays, etc. Among all these types; argumentative and persuasive essays are the most common ones. A persuasive essay is used to persuade or convince your reader that your perspective or stance is more legitimate.

Here the writer uses numerous arguments to show his/her readers that the perspective or stance he has presented is legal and acceptable. Not only this but several pieces of evidence from the research are also included to support the arguments. Working with a paper writing service comes with the benefit that they help the students learn better.

Students mostly make mistakes while writing essays because they are not able to differentiate between different types of essays. They often confuse themselves because of a lack of understanding of essays. At first, there is a strong need to know what is the purpose of each type of essay and how it is used.

Specifically talking about persuasive essays, we see that students not only make mistakes while writing the essay but also while deciding the topic and collecting information, arguments, and evidence for the essay material. The most common mistake made by students is choosing a topic about which they had no idea.

Later, when it comes to writing essays on that specific topic these students roam around or ask a writing service to ‘write my essay for me’. This happens because they have no idea about the topic they have chosen. Moreover, if you choose a topic of your interest then you will be able to find arguments and evidence to support your claim or perspective.

Most common mistakes made by students while writing persuasive essays

Mentioned below are some of the most common mistakes that every student makes while writing persuasive essays:

  1. Most students' arguments included in a persuasive essay are not related to the thesis statement. It seems like arguments are written randomly. In this situation, students are not persuading but are just including random facts and arguments.

    This happens because of the lack of understanding of the topic and the thesis statement.

  2. Incomplete or unclear thesis statements. A thesis statement is the most important element of an essay.

    A thesis statement depicts the main idea or viewpoint of the author discussed in the essay. Sometimes mistakes in the structure of thesis statements are also observed.

  3. Another most common mistake is explaining each and every detail of the essay. Yes, there is a need to explain things such as statistics, facts, etc, clearly so that the reader understands them perfectly but digging into minor details of the essay takes you away from the main topic of the essay.

    Try to stick towards the main topic of your essay.

  4. Not referencing the facts and statistics included in the essay to support your argument.

    When taking data or information from another author’s work, it is necessary to reference that source in your work otherwise it will be counted as plagiarism.

  5. Making arguments complex. This mistake not only makes that specific argument complex and complicated to understand but also affects your entire essay. Try to be as simple as possible.

These were some of the most common mistakes that students make while writing persuasive essays. Grammatical and sentence structure mistakes are also very common but these mistakes can be removed by proofreading your work.

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