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Essay Writing is not an easy task for many students, as they lack in skills and required attention level. I was also one of those students, as I always tried my best to take help from others in writing my own essay. Once I asked my friend to ‘write my essay for me’ because I was not confident enough to manage it. Initially, my friend laughed at me, and then he denied to help me out. It made me really unhappy and worried, which actually pushed me hard to look at the weaknesses I had in essay writing. I found an amazing booklet online. It consisted of common mistakes and some quick ideas that can help students create flawless writing. As I’ve always been making mistakes in essays, so I am going to share some logical fallacies that I have tried to overcome.

The term, “logical fallacies” refers to the mistakes or flaws that can either diminish the essence of writing or reduce the overall value of the essay. While writing an argumentative essay, make sure to avoid the following logical fallacies or you can ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.

  1. 1- Overgeneralization

    It refers to a multidimensional approach. Usually, we draw upon a number of conclusions rather than sticking to the main argument and it hampers the quality of the text. Then. Many of the time, we fail to collect the required evidence and it poisons the crux of arguments.

  2. 2- Lack of cohesion

    In several instances, we kept on jotting the points rather than making a logical flow. An essay is always about the sequence and flows, rather than messed up and jumbled sentences. Creating cohesion in chronological order or creating date-wise order of arguments is important.

  3. 3- Emphasizing the problem

    Many of the students switch directly to the arguments and come up with a conclusion without emphasizing a problem. An argumentative essay is all about the identification of the problem and ensuring others that there is a problem. Once a problem is identified, an argument is built and justification is provided, only then a literary piece of writing is called an argumentative essay.

  4. 4- Setting up the plot

    An argumentative essay, it is all about the plot that is created. It requires a writer to avoid irrelevant details and ideas that are not connected. Many students beat about the bush and it crushes the essence of stance

  5. 5- Defining argument and conflict

    For many people, an argumentative essay is all about opposing ideas. For the sake of building an opinion, many students start attacking the person rather than the proposition. Attacking the author is never justified instead a writer is required to find out the problem in the proposition made by the author.

  6. 6- Appealing and approaching

    One of the grave fallacies in writing an argumentative essay is the failure to differentiate between appeal and approach. Many of the essayists try to attract the readers by appealing to their emotions and it is not acceptable. Such an attempt is academically wrong and it can lead to disqualification as well. The aim of writing an argumentative essay is to come up with logical and solid points that can help readers know that more authenticity is attached to solid facts rather than the emotional gravity that is temporary and leads the debate to nowhere.

  7. 7- Creating a transition

    One of the major errors in the argumentative essay is the failure to identify and create a transition. It is found that a lot of writers think that collecting opposing ideas is enough but actually it is not. An essay writer is required to create a transition with a peak and fall where one point is proposed in opposition and then justified with reference to the essay's stance. It not only helps to get a score but it is the central attribute of good academic writing. On the same board, it is important to differentiate between argument and comparison because many students confuse it. Thus, they lead to inappropriate arguments and illogical details. In case you are confused, consult an essay writing service now.

  8. 8- Coming home

    An argumentative essay is all about coming home, i.e. argument. Students keep on identifying the issues and problems but they fail to reinforce the central argument. All such mistakes affect grades, the quality of the essay, and the content choice as well

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