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Not only credible arguments but the proper formatting of your paper according to the target reference style equally contribute to the quality of your work. Even if your work is immaculate, poor referencing of your document can downsize the quality of your work. Therefore, ensuring that every element of your paper is accurately placed and formatted is a must.

Students who are new to academic referencing and referencing styles often find it difficult to accurately follow all the required guidelines. If you are among such individuals who struggle with academic referencing and formatting, you are in luck. There are multiple platforms available where you can avail paper writing service. These platforms have their experts ready to be dispatched to cater to your academic needs.

However, if an essay writer wants to learn and develop formatting skills by himself, continue with this article. In the following sections, we have provided you with a detailed guide using which you can easily master one of the referencing styles which is MLA 8th Edition.

Formatting your document in MLA is relatively simple and easy. An MLA format has a standard Time New Roman font with size 12. The whole document is double spaced with regular margins. Some other key components that must be kept under focus include.

Cover Page:

An MLA format does not have a title page unless requested by your supervisor. The name of the author, instructor, and course followed by the date written is added on the top-left corner of the page.

Running Head:

Again, there is no running head for an MLA formatted paper. The header space included the page number and last name of the author. If you are still confused, ask others to write my paper.

Title and Headings:

The title of the paper is centered aligned without the use of any bolds. However, the first heading of the paper is bold and flushed left. For the second heading, italics are used instead of bold while keeping it flush to the left.

In-Text Citations:

For in-text citations, an MLA formatted paper includes the last name of the author followed by the page number in parenthesis. Commas are not used in MLA referencing. For flawless in-text citations, keep adding them side-by-side. For example, when I write essay for me I add an in-text citation as soon as I quote something from external sources. Do not leave adding your in-text citations to the end. Otherwise, things can get jumbled up by the end and you may end up missing a few, which can compromise the quality of your essay.


Every paragraph in MLA formatting begins with a half-inch indent on the first line. You can easily add an indent at the beginning of the paragraph by pressing the tab button. For Works Cited, all the detailed sources cited follow a half-inch hanging indent after the first line. This can also be easily added by highlighting your citation and then pressing ctrl+T.

Works Cited

The very end of your document includes a complete list of your referenced sources under the title “Works Cited”. You can easily generate your citations online or use citation software to avoid the hassle of adding manual citations. A complete referencing style for each source varies depending upon its type; e.g Print, Publication, Online article, Web Article, Dissertation, Case Studies, etc. Every source type has its unique citation style in MLA formatting. Some common citation style includes:

AuthorLastName, FirstName. Title of the Book Being Referenced. City Name: Name of Publisher, Year. Type of Medium (e.g., Print). (For Published Books)

LastName, First, Middle. “Article Title.” Journal Title (Year): Pages From - To. Print. (For Journal Articles)

Author or Web Title. “Post Title.” Name of the website. URL. Date of Access. (For Web Articles)

Here you go with a basic guide to format your papers in MLA style. Now that you have developed a basic understanding of what an MLA referenced paper looks like, we are sure that using this format will be an easy task now. Good luck.

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