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When writing research essays and papers, you must come across the requirement of writing annotated bibliography. Many students are familiar with a bibliography where there is only citation and reference of the source is included.

The annotated bibliography is somewhat similar as it is also a list of citations of the sources. But the difference here is that there is also a brief annotation along this time. Annotation can be described as an evaluative and descriptive paragraph included so that the reader can understand the quality of sources as well as its relevance to your writing.

Now when students are told, they are to write an annotation, they become confused about what information to include. Should they write about the author's motivation? Should they write on the research method or just results? Should they include their personal opinion?

Sometimes instructors provide an outline which makes it easier to write by following that. But in other cases, it can be confusing even though an essay writer has only 100 to 150 words to write on average. Well, let’s not worry and get to work!

Here first an annotated bibliography example is given and then it is described so that you can understand it completely when writing it yourself. Read the example, then the description of it, and then go back to the example to see how each component is told about in the description is to be written.


Nunkoo, Robin. “Tourism Development and Trust in Local Government.” Tourism Management, vol. 46, Feb. 2015, pp. 623–34. ScienceDirect, doi:10.1016/j.tourman.2014.08.016.

In this article, the researcher analyzed the relation existing between tourism development in a specific area and the trust of citizens in the government regarding. Numerous variables are used by the researcher in this study to form a model. Political trust has been taken as a dependent variable. The two types of political trust are included in the study which is trust in general and trusts in a specific context. Results obtained from the study showed that it is necessary for the communities to trust their government and also it is significant for the development of tourism at a specific site. It was also found that the development of tourist sites tends to be better in cases when local people put their trust in the government with the idea that this development will improve their lives. This study expresses that proper management of the tourism sector and development can be beneficial in political aspects for governments like enhancing their vis-à-vis citizens.

So, first of all, you have to inform the reader what is the aim of this source. You must tell the readers what the research question was set by the researcher. Then next you can include the design methodology and the variables used. Discuss how the study was designed and what techniques were used. It is necessary to tell if the study was qualitative or quantitative. You don’t always have to specify but stating the technique would reflect that. The most important part is the result of the source, what the researcher has deduced. You can also include limitations that the research has. Do not include any personal opinion about the research, researcher, or results.

Pay attention to the format requirement. The reference format demanded is MLA so you have to make sure all citations and bibliography are done in MLA format. Remember that you have to set the word count as stated by your instructor. Based on which you can either concisely include an important point or explain in detail. But you have to make sure all the important components are included in it.

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