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Did you just forget that you were assigned a task to write an essay? is the deadline approaching and you haven’t found the topic yet?

If your answer is affirmative to the above questions, then I have got you covered. Since you are on this page you must be looking for a list of cause and effect essay topics from which an essay writer can pick one and kick start your writing process.

So let me put an end to your search by providing you a pool of topics from which you can pick the one that interests you the most and that is also easy to comprehend. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

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  1. What are the causes of sibling rivalry?
  2. Impact of drug use on relationships
  3. Stress factors in a teenagers’ life
  4. Impact of stress on teenagers’ mental health
  5. Are fast food the real cause of obesity
  6. Obesity: causes and consequences
  7. What are the causes of ozone layer depletion?
  8. Effect of pest attack on plants
  9. How divorce impacts children's wellbeing?
  10. How divorce affects teenagers’ behavior?
  11. Effect of social media on youth
  12. Causes of cardiovascular diseases
  13. Causes of burnouts at workplaces
  14. How does the use of the internet affect sleep patterns in children?
  15. Why does the use of social media decrease social communication skills in people?
  16. Is technology the real cause of the digital divide?
  17. Effects of climate change on the world
  18. Causes and consequences of a write my paper service.
  19. Is homelessness caused due to poverty?
  20. What are the causes of suicidal thoughts?
  21. Can video games be used as an educational tool?
  22. How does air pollution affect our respiratory system?
  23. How an increase in temperature leads to the death of fishes?
  24. Environmental causes of floods.
  25. What are the causes of ozone layer depletion?
  26. What is the cause of water scarcity and its effect?
  27. Diseases in marine life are caused by water pollution
  28. What are the causes of soil pollution?
  29. Main causes of melting of glaciers
  30. What are the causes of acid rain?
  31. Effects of poverty on mental health
  32. Effects of eating habits on mental health?
  33. Causes of the growing popularity of video games among teens?
  34. Does the use of social media affect the academic performance of high school students?
  35. How does using too much internet affect the thinking ability of people?
  36. Impact of internet usage on the physical health of individuals.
  37. Impact of abortion on women mental health
  38. Impact of abortion women physical health
  39. Effects longer school hours on children’s learning abilities
  40. Impact of online classes on students learning
  41. Do mobile phones cause students to learn more in classrooms?
  42. Do mobile phones cause distraction in classrooms?
  43. Domestic violence: causes and consequences
  44. What is the cause of lower enrollments in art schools?
  45. Impact of racism on society
  46. Causes of homelessness
  47. Causes of drug addiction
  48. Causes of poverty
  49. Causes of civil war
  50. Causes of World War I
  51. Causes of World War II
  52. How does religious oppression impact society?
  53. How the inferiority complex is causing anxiety?
  54. Inadequate sanitation impacts on community’s health
  55. Causes of holocaust
  56. Impact of civil war on slavery
  57. Impact of colonization
  58. The economic impact of migration
  59. Effects of exercise on an individual’s health
  60. Causes of separation or divorce
  61. Impact of police brutality on community
  62. Impact of slavery on black people
  63. Causes of racial segregation
  64. Causes of fear
  65. Causes of phobias
  66. Impact of phobia on mental health
  67. Impact of eating disorders on person’s health
  68. Causes of failure
  69. Causes of success
  70. Causes of growing rates of teen pregnancy
  71. Influence of internet on kids
  72. Effects of a happy marriage on a person’s health
  73. Causes of overweight
  74. Effect of birth control on women’s health
  75. Impact of regular medical check-ups
  76. Causes of HIV/AIDS
  77. Causes of malaria
  78. Causes of Dengue fever
  79. Causes of water pollution
  80. Causes of chemical pollution
  81. Impact of the cold war
  82. Impact of China America trade war
  83. Causes of global economic recession.

That list was like a hedge maze of topics. but don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some time and then pick a topic with a proper mindset. If you need urgent help, then I suggest you try an essay writing service and let their professional writers do their magic. They will craft an essay for you in no time.

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