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Some people are not good at debating even if they have valid and strong points to defend their opinion. If you are amongst those people then you must know the struggle to write a debate. It requires detailed research, development of arguments, and a lot of hard work and it becomes hectic to do it all alone in such a short amount of time.

Convincing people to believe in your viewpoint is not rocket science but an essay writer still needs to use some tactics to make them agree with you. There are various types of debate and every type has its own requirements. Yet, the structure and the characteristics of each type are almost the same so you don’t need to worry about it. The most vital part of the debate is to defend your idea to convince the audience that your point is valid and the opponent’s point lacks validity or you can ask others to write my essay for me in no time.

Types Of Debates

  1. 1. Cross-Examination Debate

    These types of debates are specifically conducted by the Cross-Examination Debate association. In these debates mostly the focus is on content instead of delivery. So you have to be careful while writing these kinds of debates. Mostly the debates are conducted on controversial issues.

  2. 2. Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    This debate is a one-on-one debate that particularly focuses on philosophy, valid logic, and ethical values. You have to deliver a speech containing quality content with evidence to prove your logic. You should not beat around the bush to support your viewpoint.

  3. 3. NDT Debate

    NDT Debate tournament is the most famous and oldest type of debate at the college level. There is a certain criterion for every debate type. This debate consists of eight speeches all together four rebuttals and four consecutive speeches.

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Tips to Write a Debate

  1. 1. Strong opinion

    First of all, you need to make a strong opinion based on your topic. You need to start your debate with a strong opening line. A strong opening line attracts the attention of the audiences towards your speech. You can either add an emotional line referring to the statistical data to strengthen your point. Your opinion should be based on proper logic and facts and figures so that you can influence the audience.

  2. 2. Define Topic

    Once you have made a strong impression on your audiences then you need to define your topic to your audience. You should be crystal clear about the topic. It is important to explain the topic to the audience well so that they would have a better idea about your opinion and how you defend it. Once you have defined the topic then you can further go ahead and state your point.

  3. 3. Tone and style

    Your tone and the style of the debate should be convincing. You should make strong and appealing points to defend your side. You are either in favor of or against the topic. You need to ensure that you do not use any negative and offensive word that can hurt the feelings of a particular group or even an audience.

  4. 4. Arguments

    This is the most important part of the debate. You have to come up with the most convincing and powerful arguments that can shatter the opponent’s confidence into pieces. You need to conduct a detailed research about the topic and decide what to argue about. You have to have an answer to every counter-question as well.

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