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We are going to learn about this essay in detail from definition to its formatting. So a reflective essay is a type of essay which allows you to interact with your reader and describe your stories and experiences and other stories and experiences from your point of view. Through reflecting upon these experiences and stories you put forward your perception about characters and story, you begin to present your opinions about the event, personal ideas, and feelings and how they have impacted you.

In essence reflective essay writing allows you to draw conclusions and analyze what you have heard, read, or saw and it connects you with the text.


Although you will eventually have to settle on one specific memory, brainstorming will always leave you options in case changes need to be made. If you are shown to select a topic here are some examples, for instance, you may have to talk about an experience, a difficult time you passed through, some difficult choices you made, a life-changing discovery, memorable moments of your life, and many others. These kinds of topics cover almost every reflective essay question.

You should make some notes or mind maps on paper to collect the most important events and arguments that you want to mention in your essay.


When outlining a reflective essay make sure you are focusing on your writing on the actual reflection rather than on a story itself. The purpose of this essay writing is to draw some conclusions from past experiences instead of just talking about the story.


Now to start off the essay introduction you need a hook. This is a statement that should grab the reader's attention that will force him to proceed with reading.

After presenting your attention-grabbing statement you want to redirect the reader’s focus towards your thesis statement and this is done over several transition sentences. These sentences may talk about the hook in more detail or will provide supporting details.

The thesis statement should explain the purpose of your essay. It should contain all the major reflective points and arguments that you will be discussing in detail in the body paragraphs.

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Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are written in chronological order. In order words, because you are reflecting on a story on an event that already has a sequence, you may talk about your reflection from the first scenes and sequences to give your essay a linear timeline.

Your body paragraphs should be written in ways that allow your audience to make inferences about your thoughts, emotions, and actions while the story is progressing. So when the story comes to a conclusion and you present your reflection though you will see where that ideology came from.

The best way to do this is to use minor details that show rather than saying. This way the reader will be able to make a better picture in their head and to understand your reflection clearly.


Your conclusion must wrap up all the details and present development. In short, it will briefly summarize how you went from the first point to the last point. This will also present significant changes in the whole story. It should represent the main transformation.

Once you have followed the above guideline we are sure you will be submitting a perfect reflective essay to your professor. You can also ask someone to write my essay.

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