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Essay writing can be a cumbersome activity for students especially if they get more than one assignment related to essay writing at the same time. Just like any other capability, essay writing can be improved by following some specific steps or techniques. In the following lines, we will analyze these techniques in light of various parts of the essay.

Reading is the key

When a student decides to write an essay, reading about the topic will clarify the doubts in their minds. Another benefit of reading is to increase the points which will be included in the essay. Reading only one kind of material will not be enough but the reading should include books, journals, and other material related to the topic. It is appropriate to write down the relevant points which the essay writer comes across while reading. This will help the writer in accumulating thoughts about the topic.


After thoroughly reading the relevant material about the topic, the next technique is to outline the points which have to be added to the essay. The points noted down while reading will help the writer in preparing the outline for the essay. The outlines for different kinds of essays will be prepared differently because the nature of points and arguments will be different.

An example that can be given regarding a definition essay about the word curiosity will have the background of the word and its usage. A classification essay about computers should contain the characteristics of all the major types of computers. Both these examples show that outlining helps the students to keep their thoughts focused on the topic. A short explanation in the form of bullet points should be included in the outline to make sure that each point is appropriately explained. Remember, you can always hire a write my paper service to complete this task for you.

Hook sentence and thesis statement

The introduction section of the essay includes a hook statement for the readers. The technique is to come up with an appropriate hook statement for the set of audience. When you ask someone to write my essay for me free, the person may respond with some major points including a hook sentence. The thesis statement is written at the end of this section. The writer should construct the thesis statement with care and precision. The whole of the remaining essay will evolve from this thesis statement. The thesis statement should not contain any vague words so that the readers are very clear about what to expect in the essay. Just as the outline, the thesis statements for different forms of the essay are different.

Elaborating on major points

The body section of the essay will include all the major points stated in the outline. The writer should elaborate on a single point in one paragraph so that the reader does not get astray while reading the content. Each paragraph of this section should start with the topic sentence to prepare the reader what to expect. The last sentence of each paragraph serves two purposes, summarizing the whole paragraph and preparing the reader for the next paragraph. To maintain the flow in the essay, transition words should be used to start each paragraph in this section. Some points may need more than one paragraph to be elaborated on completely.


A good conclusion should serve two purposes, summarizing all the points presented in the previous sections and restating the thesis statement in different words. The writer should state whether the thesis statement has been proven or not. If the thesis statement had some form of an argument, the writer can conclude the essay with an open-ended statement so that the readers have something to think about. Some readers may even read the conclusion section after the introduction so the writer should develop a logical connection between the two sections. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

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