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Are you haunted by the ghost of plagiarism? Plagiarism is the nightmare of every student. It could get them F grade in assignments, a week in detention, and even expulsion from the college. On top of all that, when the parents get to know about this you will be grounded. Moreover, the stain of plagiarism stays on your collar forever. This could be an end of your academic life, or it would make it miserable. I know you would say that why would someone even think of plagiarizing if it could have so severe consequences.

Well, students hate academic writing. It’s dull. I used to hate it. Therefore, students are always looking for shortcuts. They always ask others to write essay for me at affordable rates. That’s when they fall into the trap of plagiarism. They find a text on the internet that they think would be perfect for their assignment. They are tempted to use it in their assignment. Some just pass on the whole text as it was, as their own and others copy-paste some chunks of it and few rephrase it. This all falls in the ambit of plagiarism, which is a serious offense. It is intellectual theft.

If the ghost of plagiarism has been haunting you for long, it’s your lucky day. In this article, I will be sharing a few habits that will provide you essay help to write a non-plagiarized essay. If you want to have a stainless academic career, you should adopt the following habits:

Know what plagiarism is

Many poor students fall into the trap of plagiarism because they do not really understand what plagiarism is. Therefore, if I am about to write my paper, I must understand the concept of plagiarism. In simple terms, plagiarism is when you are presenting someone else’s work as your own. Many students think that rephrasing is not plagiarism. But they are wrong. You still have to give due credit to the original writer by citing the source.

Stop procrastination

The biggest nemesis of students is procrastination. If you really think, you will see that you have always gotten into trouble because of over procrastination. Students keep on delaying their assignments but before they know it, the hour of submission is upon them. There is no way that they can write an assignment on their own in a short time, so they start looking for shortcuts. They search for the topic online. Find a good document on it and decide to pass it on by writing their names on it. They do not even have time to rephrase it. Therefore, you should develop a habit of starting early.

Write sources while taking notes

Do you take notes while reading documents for your essay? Great, if you do it. But do you know what you should also do while taking notes? You should write the sources from where you are getting the information. Many students do not do it and when it comes to citing sources they have no idea from where they got certain information. If you are confused about it, just pay for essay to get it done.

With rephrasing, cite your sources

Simply rephrasing does not save you from plagiarism, until you cite the source from where you are getting the ideas. You should never leave citation for the end, you may forget to cite a few sources and that can get you in trouble. Write the idea of the text in your own words and give credit to the original essay writer and you are safe.

Start making bibliography from the start

The bibliography page comes at the end of the essay but you need to start making it as soon as you begin collecting data for your essay. Write down every potential source that you think you may use in your essay, on the bibliography page. In the end, if you do not use a few of those sources, you can always delete them.

Note: Always cross-check your citation, to make sure that you have listed every source that you have cited throughout the essay, on the bibliography page.

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