Looking for an A+ in your argumentative essay? Don't make these 5 mistakes

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Essay writing is a task that can become very challenging at times. An essay is an organized piece of academic writing in which a set of arguments or coherent ideas are presented in a logical manner.

An argumentative essay involves expressing arguments regarding a topic presented by the author. The author makes an assertive statement called the thesis statement and proves it with the help of supporting arguments. Evidence is also provided to authenticate the claims further.

Most students find it really difficult to write a custom essay. Many instructors believe that essay writing courses should be offered to students as many fail to write an effective essay.

While writing an argumentative essay, the majority of students make some common mistakes. If these mistakes are avoided, the student can surely get an A+. A list of 5 such common mistakes in an argumentative essay and how they can be avoided is given below. In case you need help, ask others to write my essay for me.

1) Unclear and non-assertive thesis statement

The thesis statement is the crux of an argumentative essay. Missing a thesis statement or an unclear and vague statement makes the essay illogical and inconsistent. Moreover, a non-assertive thesis statement makes the essay lose the basic essence of argumentation. Most of the writers fail to write an effective thesis statement.

Although writing a thesis statement is difficult nonetheless the difficulty is worth it. To improve a thesis statement, make it as specific as possible and do not generalize it. Use it at the end of the introductory paragraph and it should be clear and precise and should be as assertive as possible.

2) An unimpressive introduction

The introduction is where an essay writer has the chance to keep the audience hooked. Many writers do not prioritize the introduction and conclusion. Some add unnecessary details in the introduction. To avoid such blunders, follow the basic guideline. Start with a hook which can be a question, rhetoric statement, historical fact, etc., provide basic insight, use relevant claims as the essay progresses, and end it with a powerful thesis statement. That’s it. Do not overcomplicate the introduction.

3) Inadequate supporting facts

An essay that is based merely on the writer's opinion isn't good enough. Each of the supporting arguments in an essay should be backed with relevant and authentic facts and evidence. Failure to provide evidence makes the argument lose its authenticity.

To avoid this mistake, do not use personal examples, ideas, or viewpoints. Instead, use credible and factual data from reliable sources to support each of the supporting arguments you present throughout the essay. Still confused, get help from a paper writing service now at affordable rates.

4) Inability to follow the correct argumentative structure

Each type of essay has a basic structure that should be followed. Structuring your writing makes it easier for the readers to comprehend it. Many students present wonderful arguments, however, the structural flaws make their essay difficult to comprehend.

5) Long, confusing, and poorly structured sentences

A sentence that is complicated, long, and has too many fragments makes the audience lose interest as well as reduces the readability of the essay, making it difficult for the reader to keep up.

Make sure your sentences are short and to the point. Do not use a large number of conjunctions making the sentence complex. Use basic vocabulary and easy-to-understand sentence structure.

The most common 5 mistakes in an argumentative essay have been presented above. If you think it’s too much, you can reach out to an essay writing service that avoids these 5 grave mistakes. That would surely get you an A+ grade.

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