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If you have reached the end of your degree, you must be aware of the most difficult academic task which is to write a research paper. In case you do not know what a research paper is, I am here to give a short introduction. A research paper is basically a lengthy academic write-up that is based on the original research that you conduct in a specific field.

In research, you have two options: either you conduct qualitative research or quantitative research. But it completely depends on the nature of your research study. If the purpose of your research paper is to explore people’s opinions, then qualitative research is perfect for you and you must conduct your work accordingly.

Let me tell you that in a research paper, one of the most important elements is the literature review because it develops the significance of your study. If you are not familiar with the literature review, you can buy an online essay that contains a literature review section. You can also ask them to write my paper. To make literature review writing easier for you, I have listed below the steps that you are required to follow.

1. Select papers that are in accordance with your topic.

The first way to write a literature review is to find a paper that is related to your research topic. For this purpose, you first need to narrow down the broad topic. After that, brainstorm about the elements that have any relevance to your topic. For finding the papers for the literature review section, use keywords that are more dominant in your research. Put the keywords in the search bar and read the abstract of the available articles.

Put before picking out the articles, define your selection criteria e.g., decide from which field you will take the articles. Moreover, specify the publishing date range, and the methodology to look for the most recent and related research articles. Besides reading the abstract, take a look at the referencing lists of the selected article to find other useful research papers. If you want to make your research authentic, do not forget to add the articles that present a contrary opinion to your research. This will enrich your work.

2. Read the articles carefully.

To write a perfect literature review, an essay writer must read the selected articles carefully because they have to evaluate them. Instead of presenting the explanation of all the research articles, you should focus on analyzing them. So, critically read all the research papers.

3. Develop the organization structure.

The way you create an outline for your essay, you need to develop an outline for the literature review as well. Since literature involves information regarding various research studies, you need to develop a structure that can organize the information in a perfect manner. To develop an outline, decide what you will discuss first. The smart approach is to discuss the common trends in the articles. Then discuss the research methodology and analysis section followed by the discussions of the conclusions. If you want to look at a sample paper for a clear understanding, you can search for paper writing service providers who will provide you with the best literature review documents.

4. Write the paper.

Once you are done with the organization structure, begin writing your literature review. While stating the research studies, you do not need to mention the name of the researcher in every paragraph because it will indicate that instead of analytically comparing the research studies, you have just presented an explanation. Logically state the articles one after the other in the form of an argument.

Make topic sentences for every paragraph to represent the discussion in each paragraph. After analyzing all the research articles, review your work and edit it if you have added any irrelevant information. You can also ask someone to write essay for me if you need professional writing help.

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