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Every doctoral degree scholar aims to write the best dissertation to get a PhD degree. But writing this type of assignment is not that easy. Complexities come in the way of writing a dissertation or a thesis. An essay writer finds it difficult to write their dissertations without taking expert assistance because this type of writing requires ample knowledge, time, extensive research resources, and experience.

Just like all other things in life a great dissertation requires great research and dedication. If you add up both you can get a dissertation that is appreciated by all. Along with these perfect writing skills are also needed.

Although we all know that a great dissertation requires proper time for every part. I will tell you how to format the proposal for your thesis.

Further, you can also contact dissertation writing services to guide you through the breakdown of the chapter in the dissertation.

Writing a thesis proposal can be a tough project if you have never written one before.

The following are the main components of your thesis proposal or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. 1. Your Research Question. This has usually already been established by you and approved by your advisor.
  2. 2. Justification or the Research Question. In this section, you must prove that the research question you are pursuing is important to your field, that it will contribute important findings for future researchers.
  3. 3. Short Summary of Literature. You will need to include a summary of the initial literature you have already read related to your question
  4. 4. Your Objectives. What is it that you will attempt to determine by your research? Will you be validating earlier research? Will you be adding something new to existing research? You need to get very specific here.
  5. 5. You Research Design. In this section, you will outline exactly how you plan to research your question. Will your research be quantitative or qualitative? Will you have random samplings or experimental and control groups? What instruments will you use?
  6. 6. Your timeline. You must provide a timeline for each aspect of your project. When will your literature review be finished?

Now we will move on to the breakdown of the chapter for the thesis or research proposal. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.

The number of chapters for the whole thesis would vary from one university to another university. Similarly, the length of the proposal also depends on the instructions given by your professor and the subject of your research.

Below is the format of the proposal. The format is arranged in order, so make sure you follow the same order as given below.

Contextualizing the Study/Introduction

Background of the study

Problem statement

Literature Review on Major Issue 1 and/or Theoretical Perspectives (Summary)

Literature Review on Major Issue 2 and/or Theoretical Perspectives (Summary)

Methodology / Research Design

Gantt Chart


Remember! If you think you cannot write a dissertation proposal on your own, contact an online write my paper service to help you with your proposal. Additionally, you can also review some of the custom or sample proposals prepared by professional dissertation writers.

Most universities have formatting requirements for PhD dissertations proposals that impose a lower bound on the number of pages.

The upper bound depends only on the patience of your committee. I have certainly seen a thesis that ran for several thousand pages, mostly containing lots and lots of raw experimental/observational data.

In the end, your proposal should be effective enough to explain the central idea of your research. It must contain sufficient details to convince your supervisor (and, in particular, to satisfy your committee).

Dissertation writing is a tough task and you will have to deal with a number of revisions while being reviewed by the committee.

You are allowed to hate your advisor and your committee members, especially when dealing with revisions.

Do what you need to do to get it done.

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