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I have seen people writing general introductions in their essays no matter what type of essay they are writing without keeping in view their subject matter. There are different types of essays such as persuasive essays, argumentative essays, rhetorical essays, expository essays, etc. These different types of essays do not differ by the material written in them but differ by the purpose of writing them. For example, an essay writer writes an argumentative essay to present arguments on a specific topic or situation in front of the reader, on the other hand, he/she analyzes and investigates the topic provided in an expository essay. The topic is the most important element of an essay. Throughout the essay, a writer writes on that specific topic and talks about it with his/her audience. Therefore, it is very important for a writer to develop his/her audience’s interest in that topic. Most of the readers get an impression of the entire essay by just reading its introduction, after which they decide whether they should continue reading it or not. Attracting a reader is not that difficult but it is not that easy. The writer needs to pay attention while writing but more attention is required while writing the introduction as it is the portion that puts the first impression on the reader about the essay and about the topic that will be covered in the essay. This is the time where you can attract your reader towards your topic. You can also take help from the paper writing service writers for your academic assignment.

When you are writing a research paper, the importance of introducing your topic doubles as you are doing a new thing and you eagerly need your readers to read it and recognize your work. By just presenting strong research on the topic, you cannot attract your audience, you need to emphasize the importance of the topic in the current world. This can be done while introducing your topic. You can also ask someone to write my essay for me if you are busy writing a research paper.

Don’t forget everyone is reading for a specific purpose. If you highlight why this topic of a research paper is important for them, you will succeed in grabbing their attention towards your paper. Mentioned below are some of the techniques that you can use to effectively introduce your topic of research paper to your audience.

  1. Always start your research paper with a hook that takes the attention of your reader directly towards the topic you will be addressing below in your research paper.
  2. Stating an interesting statistic or fact from the research is an amazing way of introducing your topic to your audience.
  3. Another way of introducing your topic to the audience is to start with a rhetorical question. This question should in some way relate to the topic of your research paper. A question will help you grab your reader’s attention by connecting them with their situation.
  4. Be clear enough while announcing your topic. Attract your reader with your words but do not make it complicated for him/her to understand.

These were some of the strategies that can help you introduce the topic of your research paper. It is important to make your starting attractive where you will introduce your topic but do not make it confusing. Some writers while making their introductions attractive and catchy make it complex enough for the reader to understand. Use simple and easy words to convey your thoughts and views to your audience. Professional essay writers such as the ones in an essay writing service always focus on using simple and easy words to present their ideas or views. This is the key force that creates a strong bond between the reader and the professional writer. Moreover, try to stick to your topic throughout your essay, that is do not try to explain secondary or concepts that are not directly linked with your paper.

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