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The most challenging yet most rewarding type of essay writing is that where you compose a rhetorical analysis. If you're a student then your struggle with such a piece of writing is justified and that struggle gets even more magnified when you do not have an interesting topic to write about. So, we've gathered a list of the latest topic ideas on rhetorical analysis essays to make the task a bit easy for you. Spare some time to go through the list.

Before jumping onto the latest topic ideas, do you even know what such essays are? Since it is the most literature-based type of essay, I'm guessing most of you would probably be unaware of it. So let me put it out simply. A rhetorical analysis essay is that in which the essay writer evaluates the original content which could be a book, movie, speech, or any other piece of content, and assess how successful the writer of that content was in delivering his message.

The writer uses different rostral devices to deliver his/her message to the audience, and your job is to analyze their significance and effectiveness in your essays. Those rhetorical devices are ethos, pathos, and logos but let's now drift away from our actual discussion. Allow me to enlighten you here that if you’re a newbie to writing then you’ll require help from the best paper writing service providers in composing such essays. Understanding all of its nitty-gritty elements by yourself would be rather difficult.

Latest Topic Ideas for Rhetorical Analysis Essays

All of these topics are the latest and ready to be explored by you. Look through them and write on something that you find interesting.

1. Inauguration speech by Kamala Harris

2. Inauguration speech by Joe Biden

3. Farewell Speech was given by Ex-President Obama

4. Donald Trump’s confession speech

5. First Speech was given by Ex-President Trump

6. Commencement speech by Denzel Washington

7. Romeo and Juliet were written by Shakespeare

8. The last speech was given by Martin Luther King

9. Priyanka Chopra's speech on the power of women

10. The last season of the TV show "game of thrones"

11. Ending scene of the TV show "The vampire diaries"

12. Ellen’s award acceptance speech at People’s Choice Awards

13. "Any given Sunday speech" written by Al Pacino

14. Mac’s new TV commercial

15. Nike’s new advertisement

16. Pepsi’s new “more than okay” commercial

17. Latest print advertisement of Lego

18. Rhetorical Analysis of your favorite movie

19. Rhetorical Analysis of your favorite book

20. Rhetorical analysis of your favorite TV show

The way to choose the best topic is to briefly go through the content and see how many rhetorical devices are used by the writer in his content. The more the use of devices, the easier it will be for you to compose a rhetorical analysis. Also, you can find an expert who provides the write my paper service to do this job of finding rhetorical devices from a piece of writing for you. It will save you the time and energy of doing it yourself.

Also, the above list of topics is in no particular order and we attempted to include all different sorts of content forms in it. The list is just to give you an idea of what types of topics you can choose. You can take inspiration from the list and come up with a new topic idea. For instance, now that you know that you can take any given by anyone, so you can look up speeches given by your favorite personalities and give a critique on them in your analytical essay. You can also get professional help by asking someone to write essay for me.

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