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Many of us find it difficult to criticize and analyze a text. Such are the people who write critical essays but are unable to stick to the purpose of a critical essay. Most of the time they end up expounding and describing what is already there.

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The key purpose of a critical essay is to evaluate and analyze a source. The source could either be a text, a speech, or any other medium of information. We usually believe that to criticize something we need to disagree with it. Writing a critical essay is different. We do not have to agree or disagree with the source. While writing a critical essay we have to analyze without letting our bias influence our judgment.

If I were to write a critical essay, I would quickly look up the topic on the internet. I would look for the key requirements of a critical essay in order to write my paper. Before I would begin writing my essay, I would go through the source to be analyzed and I will make notes of my observation. We comprehend with our brains so it is not possible to keep our biases aside but writing a critical essay would require us to have a rational approach.

Essays are always written by people to express their opinions. They are different from research papers or other articles. People generally assume that since we are recording our own opinions in an essay we can have a biased opinion. This is a wrong approach toward writing a critical essay. If one lacks sound judgment then the key purpose of writing a critical essay is lost. We write critical essays to interpret and analyze a source. While analyzing we can put forward both the positive and negative aspects of the source that we are analyzing.

Critical essays are usually written in academia. In a critical essay, the writer does not just analyze a source but also critically analyzes the tools used to convey the meaning. The tools used by authors are literary tools and devices. Aside from literary tools and devices like symbolism and metaphors, rhetoric tools are also used in texts. A critical essay analyzes the text and the tools used in the text.

It might be possible to be objective in natural sciences but it is nearly impossible to leave aside your subjectivity in social sciences. Despite the fact that a critical essay requires the essay writer to have a sound judgment, while interpreting the text the writer again has to employ his subjective ideas.

Most of the time people confuse a critical essay with an analytical essay but the key purpose of both of them is different. In an analytical essay, only the plain text is analyzed but a critical essay also analyzes the hidden and implied meanings that are being conveyed indirectly.

In order to help you better understand the key purpose of writing a critical essay, a list of topic ideas is provided to facilitate you. The following is a list of topics that provides you with good ideas to write a critical essay:

  1. How is sexism evident in Shakespeare’s play A Summer Night’s Dream?
  2. Critically analyze the benefits of public funding for higher education.
  3. Should the government in the United States give the legal right to abortion?
  4. Root causes of inequality in our society.
  5. Impacts of an IMF loan on developing countries.

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