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Students are asked to write different types of essays such as compare and contrast essays or descriptive or expository essays etc. Every type of essay has a different purpose and thus makes each type of essay different from another. A persuasive essay is the type of essay which aims at convincing the reader of a specific stance or perspective. In comparison, we see that students mostly face issues while writing a persuasive essay as compared to all other types of essays. This is because convincing others is a difficult task. Every person has his/her perspective for an issue or a topic or anything. And it's way more difficult to make them agree with your perspective or opinion. That’s the reason most of the students hesitate to write a persuasive essay. But convincing others is not that difficult or it is not something impossible. Just we need to put some effort and use some techniques while writing a persuasive or any other type of essay or you can ask others to write my essay.

Key Persuasive Techniques

Writing is an art. The more you try to engage yourself in the topic or essay the more you will be able to add creativity to your writing and as a result, the more you will be able to persuade or convince your reader and accept your perspective. There are no such definite techniques to write outstanding persuasive essays, it is totally up to you the way you convey your perspective. The more it will be engaging and real the more you will be able to convince your reader. Some of the key persuasive techniques that will help you write outstanding persuasive essays are mentioned below:

  1. The most important technique is selecting or choosing the topic of the essay. At this point, the foremost priority should be given to your interest and the audience you are going to address. As the more you will know about your topic the more you will be able to convince your audience and answer their arising questions. That's the reason you chose a topic of your interest or a topic about which you are passionate. This will help you develop more interest and search for more points and ideas
  2. The second most valuable technique is to know about your audience as you are writing to them. This will assist in telling you the interests of your audience. You can then use those interests to drive their minds towards your perspective or the point you are trying to convey to them. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service to do it for you.
  3. Start with a hook. The start of anything is the most critical part. Especially for an essay, it is the point where the reader will decide whether he/she needs to continue reading it or not. Try to start your essay with a hook. You can do that by using any fact or statistics from research work done by researchers. Or you can even start with attention-seeking questions or by highlighting a major issue. This will help you grab your reader’s attention.
  4. Try to be clear enough with your words. Do not create confusion, stay as simple as possible. This will help you convey your perspective directly. You can state personal examples to connect with your reader. For example, while comparing my skills with my elder sister, I asked her to write my paper for me. After she was done I compared my writing skills with hers and found that she was more good at using vocabulary in essays.
  5. Another good technique is the use of rhetorical questions in your essay. Rhetorical questions force the reader to think about and relate them to their situation.

These were some of the key persuasive techniques that can be used while writing persuasive essays. Moreover, students can take assistance from the essay writing service to learn more about writing techniques. The more you learn the more you will be able to improve your writing skills which will be seen in your essays and other writing material.

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