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There are many exercises undertaken by the students during their education. Many of these activities provide them with useful information and lessons for the whole life. Essay writing is also a very useful activity undertaken by an essay writer. In the following lines, we will take a look at the lessons learned through essay writing.

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Specifying the topic

The topic is specified before a person starts writing an essay. This is an important lesson for me because it helps me to stay on track. When I communicate with someone in the office, I remain stuck to the topic of the discussion. When I wrote essays in education life, I used to outline the essay beforehand. The same tactic works well with any conversation or meeting in the office. The points noted for discussion help me to communicate properly with the other person.

Reading abilities

During the meeting or conversation, I continue to take notes from other people. This can be related to the reading of helping materials to write down the major points. While preparing the essay, I used to read many other essays and relevant materials. I used to make the important points which were related to my essay topic. Whenever I was unsure of my ideas, I would consult a good write my essay service to go through them and add a few good ideas of their own. There was also a session of question answers at the end of the meeting. I write down my questions as they come in my mind. One of our instructors taught us to write down any question that pops up in our minds. This enabled us to cater to other’s questions much better.

Keep the readers or audience interested

Some readers of the essay used to read the introduction part and then jump to the conclusion part. The introduction part should contain a thesis statement so that the reader remains interested in the whole piece of writing. The lesson learned from this aspect is that the major points of any conversation should be communicated upfront. This will let the other person know about the whole scenario. An example can be given regarding the start of a meeting in which some particular financial management issues will be discussed, the chair of the meeting should put up the whole agenda to all the participants. This will keep all the participants focused on and interested in the topic.

Proper flow of the material

The essay writing taught me how to maintain the flow of ideas from one point to another. This lesson helped me especially when I trained my juniors in their orientation. I started with a brief introduction to the company and its businesses, then I talked gradually about the achievements made by the company in different sectors and the specific expectations from the new lot. If I had started with the expectations from them, they would have been confused about the overall context of their work. Similarly, this aspect helped me in convincing other people during some debate in the workplace.

Closing the argument

The essay was closed by restating the argument provided in the introduction section. This aspect helped me in the workplace because I was able to relate the concluding remarks to the agenda of a meeting. The lesson also helped me in writing some reports about particular people in the organization. I talked about the major goals of my organization and then discussed how a person has been able to help us in achieving these goals. In the last section of such a report, I would recommend the person for promotion or a pay raise. In case you need help, you can always ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

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