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Paraphrasing while writing essays is a critical job and it has to be learned and practiced to become an expert essay writer. Students often feel much difficulty in paraphrasing, as they are not used to it. To be very honest, it’s not that difficult, but you need to learn it. By the main concept, paraphrasing is used to present an author’s work and ideas in your own words. Students sometimes summarize a piece of work. But it is not what paraphrasing is, it is just another technique i.e. ‘summarizing’.

Paraphrasing should not make the word count lower, but must keep it at least of the same range as it is in the original document. But, this is not a fixed rule just make sure that while paraphrasing any critical point is not skipped. All you need is to convey the same points in your own words without changing even the slightest of any thought. For example, never try to paraphrase a 1000 words article in exactly 1000 words. But try to paraphrase it (a 1000 words article) between 900 to 1100 words.

Remember! Do not include any personal interpretation or opinion while paraphrasing the work of any other author.

Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills for every student. But unfortunately, it is very much misunderstood. In general, it is expressed as the method of restating others’ ideas in their own words. Here, many students take it as the process of finding synonyms to replace words and prepare their own assignments. But it is not the approach. Paraphrasing must be technically accurate and truthful. It must be accurate because it is very beneficial when you are explaining someone else’s concepts to support your argument.

You can find several methods and techniques for paraphrasing. But all of them may not work. Hence, always look for techniques that work and help you write your essay or any other assignment.

Below are some credible and tested techniques of paraphrasing.

  1. 1. Change wording from one part of speech to another

    As mentioned above, many students only replace wording when they have to paraphrase work. One of the useful ways to paraphrase effectively is by changing the word from one speech to another. The best way to do so is to change the structure of the sentence. For example:

    Original: Professor John says that globalization is weakening local cultures.

    Paraphrase: According to the statement of Professor John, local cultures are hugely influenced by today’s globalization.

  2. 2. Cover the passage

    Make sure you hide or cover the passage whenever you are paraphrasing another author’s work for your work (academic assignment). The time the passage is hidden from the view then proceeds to write the main idea. But never forget to write it in your own words. Write it as if you are explaining it to your teacher.

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  3. 3. Use different connecting phrases

    You learned how to paraphrase well by changing words, sentence structure, and covering passage! You still have a chance to grip another technique. Always use different connecting phrases or words while paraphrasing a piece of work.

    Make sure you do it when you change the structure of a sentence. For example, the author has used “So based on” in the original work. You try to use “Hence” when paraphrasing the sentence.

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