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Is academic writing easy? No, but if you follow a set of rules, it becomes tolerable. As a student, you might have to write argumentative essays for one course and research papers for another. If your deadline is approaching and you are worried that you won't be able to handle the multiple assignments at hand, don't worry. Just read the guidelines of an expert essay writer carefully and follow through.

What are research proposals?

In this branch of academic writing, you are expected to come up with or research a problem statement and then debate the best possible way to solve it. A research proposal has to be firstly justified to the reader. You must successfully convince them that your problem is significant and that you are academically aware of how to tackle it. Additionally, you must tell the reader about the method of research you will adopt and how it is better than other present methodologies. Finally, you discuss the feasibility of the project you will undertake, and explain how the project will be carried out in the given time limit or limited funding.

What to include in your proposal?

The key aims of your proposal that were mentioned above must be kept in mind. Most students are frustrated because they don’t know how to start an essay. The first thing that you will do is make a rough outline of what you have to include in your proposal. A good proposal consists of an attractive cover page, an abstract, an introduction, the research question, literature review, your proposed methodology, schedule, and bibliography.

1. Cover page and abstract

The first page that your reader views are of key importance. It must be properly formatted and pleasing to the eyes. Place your abstract on the next page and keep it short in length. It should properly summarize your paper.

2. Introduction

In this part of the paper, you will discuss what your topic is and why it is important. You will come up with research questions that will help you deal with your problem statement. You will also state here why your research is important. The length of your introduction depends on the word count. Also, say write my paper to the writing service writers and leave all the work on them.

3. Literature review followed by the significance of your proposal

There’s a high probability that the problem in your mind has been in the mind of other researchers. In a few paragraphs, you will discuss the work of other researchers regarding your problem statement from academic papers. After discussing their methodology and findings, you will discuss how their work has limitations that you intend to resolve. This will be your research’s significance. You can also get help from someone by asking them to write essay for me.

4. Your proposed research method and schedule

In the methodology part, you will discuss how you will carry out your research. You have to justify your research design and explain to the neutral reader why your research is worth the time and money that is being spent on it. You must explain your work to the reader with the help of the aforementioned literature review. After you're done with your methodology, discuss how you will manage your proposal in the limited time and budget. Explain in detail the schedule that you will follow.

A problem may arise if you are already facing deadlines for other assignments. If that is the case, it is recommended that you hire an online paper writing service that can help you draft a well-written, properly formatted, and mistake-free proposal. This is an easier method and may be adopted in case of time limitations. You can also ask these services to write an outline for you, check your rough outline for any mistakes, and make suggestions.


Research proposals are not difficult to write if you give them proper time. A guideline has been provided for you to write an effective proposal. Another option is to hire online help that will write an effective proposal on your behalf. Now it is your choice to decide how to pursue your assignment.

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