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The most common type of essay which most of the students come across is argumentative. Many teachers reside to give argumentative write-ups as assignments because they are the best way to check the analytical and critical skills of their students. There are three basic types of argumentative essays, and all three of them share the same type of foundation.

To write an argumentative assignment you have you pick a certain issue and then take a side, either in favor or against the issue. After choosing a side you have to be vigilant in providing arguments that support your work. An argumentative essay must be well structured with all the requirements fulfilled. All these requirements are practiced by many academicians and they make the essay a perfect one.

We come across many arguments in our daily life but to write argumentative research those arguments cannot be used. You should provide solid and reasonable pieces of evidence to prove your arguments. It is a documented claim followed by reasoning and proof.

Positive points are highlighted if you are in favor of the issue and harmful effects with proof are highlighted in case you are against it. There are some essential elements or requirements to make the essay perfect with reasonable argumentation. Writing such an assignment is not easy, you need years of experience to match a standard essay. It is therefore wise to contact a paper writing service. With their help, you can slowly learn to bring perfection to the write-ups. Following essentials are required for a standard argumentative write-up;

Selecting your topic

Topic selection is very important while writing an argumentative assignment. It requires choosing a topic on which detailed research can be performed. The topic you are selecting should be debatable. It means that there should be something in it to argue. Like for e.g if you are choosing a topic punishment on child abuse, no one can disagree with so there's nothing left for argumentation. The topic should be current and it should be manageable for you.

Debatable thesis

Your thesis statement should be aligned with the topic and it should be debatable. A strong thesis statement is very important to make the essay effective. It should be simple and clear to understand. A thesis is the main argument of the essay so it should be errorless to write a successful essay. For the thesis statement, ask someone to write my paper.

Background information

There must be some background information related to it. This would make the essay understandable for the reader, otherwise, he would have zero understanding of the topic. Though an essay is different from research work precise background information at the start sets the tone for the rest of the essay.


Smooth transitions with a complete structure are necessary. If the essay is not followed by smooth transitions it would be vague and difficult to understand. Such types of essays are filled with multiple pieces of evidence and reasons to support the main argument so you should write with a smooth transition. You can say write essay for me and leave all the work on the writers.

Detailed research

Extensive and in-depth research is needed to write a good essay. The argumentative write-up must be well researched and should be logically correct. You should not start writing until you haven't done detailed research on the topic.

Pathos, logos, and ethos

The most effective tactics for an argumentative write-up are the use of logos, pathos, and ethos. The debate must be logical, it should use emotions, and must have credibility. Such write-up fulfilling all these essentials could be practiced using a custom essay from a professional essay writer. It would help in writing with precision.

All the above-mentioned requirements must be understood and practiced regularly to write good essays. The argumentative write-up is not easy because of its demand for logical evidence. In-depth research is needed to write it with perfection.

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