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Many students fear writing essays because they take it as a complex and difficult task. When it comes to a type of essay called “Exemplification Essay”, the fear might increase in such fearful students. On the contrary to such feelings and perceptions, this type of essay is way too simple and easy than many students’ ideology and conception about it. This blog is going to explain the “exemplification essay” to help everyone comprehend and write compelling essays of this type.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

You might smile or even laugh after knowing about the exemplification essay that how simple it really is and what you were thinking about it. An analytical or argumentative kind of essay in which an essay writer deploys examples and references to prove his/her verdict and thesis statement is regarded as an Exemplification Essay. Various direct quotations, statistics, facts and figures, authentic resources, and references as well as examples are incorporated essentially in an exemplification essay. These references and resources are considerably the chief concern and focus of the essay.

Key Characteristics of an Exemplification Essay

Use of Authentic Evidence

An exemplification essay uses approved and authentic references and resources that enhance its credibility. Such an essay proves to be highly useful and helpful for all the students and researchers in their academic and professional work. The use of authentic, verified, peer-reviewed, and scholarly resources and references proves the standpoint, agenda, or thesis statement of the essay. So, it not only turns the essay into a credible, reliable, and useful collection of information and knowledge but also provides a variety of authentic resources to other students and researchers.

Focused and Centered on Examples and References

An exemplification essay always sticks to using examples and evidence to prove the claim or thesis statement. For this purpose, the writers keep their arguments and discussions centered on the use of examples, statistics, references, and resources. In this way, the readers never need to skip any part due to boredom while reading such essays. Besides, they help other students and researchers to learn the art and techniques of staying focused on a single and major topic, idea, claim, or concern in writing an essay.

Use of Statistics, Tables, and Forms

One of the major characteristics of an exemplification essay is that it uses statistics, tabular data, and forms as evidence to prove the claims. This use of quantitative data is always considered highly credible and useful for others as well as the writer himself/herself. Using Quantitative Data in an exemplification essay always sums up tons of information, facts, and figures into simple rows and columns and provides the readers the facility of having a sack full of knowledge and information in the simplest ways easy to read and comprehend.

Answers to “5Ws and H”

An exemplification essay primarily provides answers and knowledge to 5Ws i.e. Who, When, Where, Why, and What; as well as “H” i.e. How. Through this, the readers easily get a lot of information and knowledge about various aspects of the topic, idea, or claim. These answers to 5Ws and H make an exemplification essay a rich source of knowledge and information.

Main Structure

An exemplification essay generally comprises the common essay structure of Introduction carrying a clear thesis statement and the claims or arguments, the body of the essay using evidence, references, and examples to prove the arguments and counter-arguments, and a clear and definite conclusion at the end proving the thesis statement.

Arguments and Counter-Arguments

An exemplification essay is always a type of either an analytical or argumentative essay. It uses arguments and counter-arguments in the discussion to prove the claims made by the writer in the thesis statement. In this way, such essays provide a wide variety of information and knowledge on “for and against” the topic through which every reader can develop a deeper insight into it.

Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas

The following are some ideas for exemplification essay topics that the students and researchers can consider for writing their exemplification essay assignment or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. Role of Smartphones in Impacting the Ways of Communication
  2. Engineering or Medical – Which is a better and brighter career-oriented discipline?
  3. Conventional Education vs Modern Education vs Online Education
  4. Is modern technology responsible for global climate change?
  5. Youngster vs Elder - Who uses Social Media most?
  6. Primary Purposes of Education and its role in Employment
  7. Are the leaders or the bosses better?
  8. Impacts of loans and recovery on bank’s financial progress
  9. Internet Crimes and the role of Cybercrime Agencies
  10. Do welfare organizations really help the needy?
  11. Role of Materialism in Human’s growing problems today
  12. Impacts of Modern Capitalism on Working Class
  13. Should America really stop and ban immigration? Why or Why Not?
  14. Does modern technology do more benefit or harm to humanity?
  15. Should there be separate institutions for transgender? Why or Why Not?
  16. Impacts of Political Satire in Television on Democracy
  17. Economy or the Health Problems – Which are the major concerns for developed countries today?
  18. Fast Food’s Impact on Human Health and Capabilities
  19. Should Professionalism be taught in schools?
  20. Should proper sex education be given at schools, colleges, and universities?

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  1. Are the schools really responsible for school-bullying problems?
  2. False Promises of the Politicians and Democracy
  3. Should there be separate classes for students based on gender, racial, and religious differences?
  4. Pros and Cons of teaching computer in early schools
  5. Modern Fashion and Vulgarity
  6. Should Sex Advertising be banned?
  7. Do Appearance and Dressing make any difference in performance?
  8. Can parents control children’s obesity problems with only food and diet?
  9. Marriage – An option or a need?
  10. The credibility of Social Media as a Source of News and Updates
  11. Drug Addiction – Social Failure or Personal Matter
  12. Should there be multiple sex partners for a person?
  13. Do motivational speakers make any positive impact on people?
  14. Should “Online Gaming” be allowed or banned?
  15. Uses and Abuses of Artificial Intelligence and their impacts on the Human World

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