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Somewhere in your academic career, you’re going to be asked to write an argumentative essay so you should know the key to write one. If you're wondering what that key could be, then it's nothing huge. It is the choice of the topic of an argumentative essay that makes or breaks it. Not all topics are worth arguing and not everything that is debatable interests the reader. So, not choosing an interesting and unique topic is the first step towards losing your reader’s interest and you clearly do not want that.

An argumentative essay, as the name implies, is a piece of writing where you pick a stance and defend it throughout your essay with solid evidence. Each argument that you make should have solid reasoning and must be presented in a way that leaves a mark on the reader’s mind. Well, this requires practice and great research skills. If you’re not a pro at it yourself yet, then get assistance from a professional who provides a paper writing service. You'll be able to learn better with their expert advice.

Interesting Topics List

Before I jump into the list of topics, I’d like to give you a little tip on how to choose the best topics. From the argumentative essay topics list, look for a topic that you feel strongly about. You are able to better defend a claim or an argument if you hold the same opinion yourself. Also, an essay writer will be interested to dig deep into research to find pieces of evidence to prove their claim and it will ultimately strengthen their essay.

Below is the list of topics that you can choose from.

Topics Related to Science and Technology

  • Is technology making people dependent and lazy?
  • Is technology making you smart or dumb?
  • Should human cloning be prohibited?
  • Has technology made education easy or complicated?
  • Reasons why cyberbullying needs to be strictly handled
  • Are video games making children smarter?
  • Reasons why animal testing should be banned
  • The negative effect of SNS on our personality
  • How is WhatsApp's new privacy policy a threat?
  • Is Facebook secure anymore?
  • Have technological advancements made us robotic?

Topics Related to Education

  • How is virtual learning bad for children?
  • Reasons why we should start banning school uniforms
  • How do I write my paper service work?
  • Reasons why Greek and French should be taught as a compulsory subject
  • How is the grading system affecting student's psychological health?
  • How is a student-centered educational system better than a teacher-centered one?
  • Reasons why conventional schooling systems needs to be abolished

Topics Related to Law and Ethics

  • Reasons why zoos and aquariums need to be illegalized
  • Abortion should be made legal in all parts of the world
  • How is animal testing unethical?
  • How is genetic engineering unethical?
  • Bullying should be illegal
  • How is the use of plastic an unethical practice?
  • Reasons why plastic consumption laws need to be stricter

Topics Related to Sports

  • Women should be given a chance to play core sports
  • Sports scholarship should be made available at all educational institutions
  • Cheerleaders should not be shamed for their job
  • Chess should be considered as a real sport
  • The positive role of sports in building the human mind

From the vast list of topics above, you can choose to write on whatever interests you. When I found writing difficult, I’d get help from people who’d write essay for me. Through their expert help and perfectly written essays, I built my essay writing skills. That's exactly what you can do.

Also, remember that essay writing tasks are no longer difficult if you choose a topic that you can personally resonate with. Do it and see its magic in your piece of writing.

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