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Essay writing has been one of the most disliking tasks I ever had to do. I don't know why, but it always scares me to come up with an essay that is flawless and appreciable because I am a student and I don’t know why our teachers expect this much from us. In the age of playing games, we are struggling with essay writing and research, and it is more like a nightmare. Well, I must say this nightmare has now turned into a beautiful dream mainly due to technology. One such example is that of an essay writing service that can provide you with a complete guide regarding the task to do. Once I had to look for persuasive essay topics and it was such a tedious job. Before thinking about the topic, you need to understand what a persuasive essay is. It is defined as an essay in which a student tries to enforce or let others believe about a fact that you have justified with the help of different evidence.

In simple words, in a persuasive essay, you have to persuade others so that all the readers can be brought on the same board. There are a lot of techniques that can be used to write an effective persuasive essay, such as statistical features, research claims, and the quotes from different sociological researches.

Understanding the meaning of an essay helps a lot in looking for the topic. When I was able to understand the meaning of a persuasive essay, I came up with a number of ideas that can help you write your persuasive essay. As it all starts with titles, there are a number of topics that an essay writer can use for his next persuasive essay, some of them are mentioned below

  1. Drinking energy drinks can prove to be hazardous for health
  2. There is an already required space of female mentors in sports
  3. Bodybuilding can risk women health
  4. The essence of music has changed over time
  5. Depressive song tracks can enforce suicide
  6. Hunting is immoral
  7. It is important to train pets before keeping them
  8. It is a comparatively good idea to keep pets outdoor
  9. It is important for teachers to pass a professional test before they are hired
  10. The current system of taxation is not fair

Moving ahead to the structure, there are some significant steps that can be followed while writing a persuasive essay.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. It is the first step in which you are required to summarize the topic. It is more like a short summary of the topic because, without this summary, the issue or the point of justification cannot be defined.

  3. 2. Thesis statement
  4. In most persuasive essays, the topic is in the form of a question. So the thesis statement defines the position or stance that you are going to take. It also helps to identify the context of the side of information that you are going to explain in your essay.

  5. 3. Discussion
  6. Now discuss all the claims that you have collected to justify the position. Make sure to quote all the points in chronological order when it is about history or in a systematic manner with respect to the sequence of research so that a logic can be created.

  7. 4. Conclusion
  8. In the end, you have to summarize all the aspects and features that you have already identified in your essay. It is more like a short summary of the essay that should be clear enough to explain what you have discussed in your essay. Make sure to re-assert your thesis statement as well.

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