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There will be at least one point of time in the life of students when they will have to write an amazing cause and effect essay. Although this is not a very common type of essay which is assigned to students.

Let’s start on a lighter note.

Here are two benefits of this essay.

  • Students start to see and establish connections between different things
  • It’s easier than other types of essays.

Here’s another thing to make this step-by-step guide easier for students. While writing a cause and effect essay, students generally have to pick simpler topics rather than complicated ones, as are generally opted as persuasive essay topics or in the case of argumentative essay topics. In these two categories, the essay writer is required to convince the audience which is not a simple job.

The outline of a cause and effect essay is inclusive of the following elements. It should be noted, however, that the structure of this essay is not so different from other essays. This reminder should serve as a hint for the students, so they can stop procrastinating and get on with the task at hand. An outline for an amazing cause and effect essay should answer the following questions?

  • Is the purpose clear?
  • Is enough evidence provided to support the thesis statement?
  • Are the introduction and conclusion impactful?
  • Has a complete picture been painted regarding the topic?

  • Introduction

    This should include a catchy hook or an interesting story so that the readers remain engaged. Through this section, the readers are convinced to read the complete essay with their uninterrupted attention and not just skim through it. The introduction should be powerful and influential, yet it must be brief and concise. The main question which the introduction needs to answer is why the topic is significant enough and requires in-depth analysis. If students think their readership is experienced, then a thesis statement would serve the purpose. In case you are confused about writing a perfect introduction, get help from an essay writing service now.

  • Body

    In the subsequent paragraphs, write massive details about the topic. What cause(s) lead to the effect? Is it one primary cause? Are there multiple causes? Is it a chain of causes? While writing the cause and effect essay outline, assemble all the causes and their channels towards the effect and also add relevant examples. Another thing to remember is that the channels between causes and the effect should be based on factual evidence and logical interpretation. Try to execute all the paragraphs of equal length. Unconvincing or weak causes that have little connection to the real world must be avoided at all costs. In the outline, jot down transitional phases and don’t add concepts that appear like rapid jumps from one aspect to another.

  • Conclusion

    Briefly summarize the details which have been delineated in the previous paragraphs. Try to make an impactful statement in the closing section which leaves the reader in awe of your writing style and also lead him to think about different causes and their effect. The strongest causes and factual pieces of evidence must be restated but the wording should be different. In case you need help, ask others to write my essay for me.

    Here is a simple structure for you to follow!

    1. Interesting hook
    2. General Idea / Thesis statement
    3. Transitional statement
    4. Topic Sentence 1
    5. Cause 1
    6. Cause 2
    7. Cause 3
    8. Effect
    9. Discussion
    10. Topic Sentence 2
    11. Cause 1
    12. Cause 2
    13. Effect
    14. Discussion
    15. Topic Sentence 3
    16. Cause 1
    17. Cause 2
    18. Cause 3
    19. Cause n
    20. Effect
    21. Discussion
    22. Rephrased Thesis Statement
    23. Strong pieces of evidence
    24. Conclusion

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