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There are different kinds of sentences that allow an essay writer to express himself clearly. Using a different variety of sentences in academic writing will improve your way of understanding and also, it will add interest to the text. In speaking and writing, there are four basic types of sentences:

  1. Interrogative sentences
  2. Declarative sentences
  3. Exclamatory sentences
  4. Imperative sentences

Declarative Sentences

The most useful form of sentence that is used in speaking and writing is the declarative sentence. The purpose of this sentence is to relay information. For example, I love honey. I love cookies, however, I don’t know how to make them.

These sentences make statements to represent a fact or an opinion. It can be a simple or a compound sentence. As these sentences deliver basic information, therefore, they can be in any sense.

Let’s see another example, I will show you how to make pizza. Pizza is easy to make and you can get the idea once you learn the recipe. The steps outlined here will help you to prepare a pizza. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

Interrogative Sentences

These sentences interrogate and ask questions in speech and writing. For instance, where is your dog? When does the sunshine? When will you get your lottery winning? These sentences start with how, when, why, do, does, and will. Some other interrogative sentences start with a verb and their answer lies in yes or no. also, you should know that interrogative sentences need a verb and a noun to complete their meaning.

When you have to identify an interrogative sentence from different types of sentences then just look at the sign of interrogation. For example, are you ready to prepare a pizza? Pizza is easy to prepare at home, but you need to write a recipe first. The first sentence is the interrogative sentence.

Exclamatory Sentences

The declarative sentences make an expressive statement with strong emotion. Instead of asking questions, the purpose of these sentences is to show emotions and feelings and these sentences end with an exclamation sign. The sentences can be easily recognized through this sign. For example, how well she sings! Wow, she just won a silver medal!

These sentences are used in conversations to write dialogues to represent emotions. Academic writings need these sentences to show the emotion and usefulness of the text. Exclamatory sentences also need a verb and a subject to completely represent their meaning. The more serious work of writing in academics, the points that need emphasis and emotions then we have to use declarative sentences or hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

Imperative Sentences

The sentences that guide people to do something are called imperative sentences. They are used in the form of friendly advice and commands to ask someone to do something. For example, shut the door to keep out the cats, stop torturing me! turn the fan on please. This sentence ends with a period and if there are more forceful demands then these sentences are ended with an exclamatory sign.

These sentences do not have a subject and therefore, you can easily identify them. the commands are directed to you and hence these sentences are second-person sentences. The absence of a subject does not mean that there is another person, but it is directed at you. Readers should know that sentences can be written as you do this and therefore, imperative sentences are always directed at you. It means you should understand that commands are asking you to do whatever has been asked by the person.

To communicate with people through writing, you should be aware of different kinds of sentences and their functions. It depends on you which sentence is a good choice for your writing. If still confused, contact an essay writing service now.

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