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Debates have a very positive impact on the students in terms of confidence and public speaking. This activity should be started at a young age as an essay writer in middle school is in their learning age and they must be allowed to improve their debating skills. In the following lines, we will take a look at some good topics which can be used for debates by middle school students or you can ask others to write my essay for me in no time.

  1. Students should take part in the home chores
  2. Every home should have some pets
  3. Music should be an integral part of the study plan
  4. No homework should be given to the students
  5. Uniforms in schools should be continued
  6. Drinking soda-drinks can be dangerous for students
  7. Physical exercise should be included in the school curriculum
  8. Students should volunteer themselves for social work
  9. Students can be given corporal punishment in schools
  10. Parents should be trained before having a
  11. Learning a foreign language is a must in the middle school
  12. All stadiums should reduce the entry fee
  13. Schools with single-sex are better for education
  14. Bullying should result in some legal punishment for the culprit
  15. Social media should be used by children above 15 years of age
  16. Killing animals for eating purposes should be banned
  17. Solar energy is the most appropriate form of energy these days
  18. Animals should not be kept in zoo cages
  19. Freedom of speech should be encouraged by the government
  20. People should be allowed to follow their religious rituals freely
  21. You cannot compare Windows phones to Androids
  22. Humans should show more responsibility towards reducing pollution
  23. Cooking classes should be made compulsory for all students
  24. People should think more seriously about global warming
  25. All students should be able to do small in-house repairs
  26. What is the best form of government and why?
  27. The voting should be compulsory for all people
  28. Top businessmen create income inequality in society
  29. Repetition of a school year should be banned
  30. Grades are no good way to analyze a student’s performance
  31. Digital education should replace formal education
  32. Video games make the children rash
  33. History should be taught in the schools
  34. Robots should take over humans in certain fields
  35. Tobacco sales should be restricted
  36. Recycling is the future of the world
  37. Students should have a set time table in their school-days

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Above are some interesting debate topics for middle school students. These topics relate to the surroundings of the students or issues which are directly or indirectly related to their own lives. Some topics include social issues that may help the students in becoming better citizens. The topic of the debate should be such that the audience remains involved in it from the start till the end.

This requires the topic to discuss some current issues faced by the whole society. If the audience is people other than students, the pollution, recycling or global warming topics are the most appropriate to choose. If the audience includes students, bullying may be an appropriate topic for them. There are some topics in the above list which are related to academics. These may also suit the audience from different schools.

You can have an idea of a debate topic from the above list. You can also consult a write my paper services which can help you in finalizing your topic easily. These services can also provide you with a free outline of your speech which can help you in writing the speech as well.

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