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Compare and contrast articles are often written by college and school learners. This essay's primary point is to demonstrate the capacity to examine two separate topics, such as literature, music, public education, policy, and also to assess their variations and correlations.

The contrasting dimension emphasizes distinctions while similarities are highlighted in the comparing dimension. Writing this piece will require an essay writer to utilize multiple techniques. Choosing two subjects for a perfect and insightful contrast essay is a significant move you can take right from the very start.

Being a student myself, I realize how most students tend to get stuck when having to select things to compare, so for your help, I’ve made a list of good topics that you can choose from. Moreover, I’ve prepared for a basic structure that can help you organize your essay

Correct Structure

  1. Introduction
    • Main ideas depiction
    • Thesis statement
  2. Body paragraphs
    • Narrow ideas
    • Supporting sentences
  3. Conclusion
    • Summary of your above ideas

Three Methods

  1. Point-by-point method
  2. Venn diagram
  3. Block method


  • Begin each scholarly paper with simple descriptions of any item you would like to compare and contrast
  • Until you begin searching for common and specific attributes, study your selected topic
  • Follow a clear framework, begin with a general concept for each segment and add supporting material to provide a useful conclusion
  • Reflect on the continuity of both paragraphs and sequences, as they can obviously connect together


  • Do not merge several organizational structures in one single paragraph
  • Don't miss to use discourse markers for transitions
  • Don't neglect specific principles or standards in academic learning

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Interesting Topics

  1. Instagram or Twitter
  2. Tomatoes: are these vegetables or fruits?
  3. Free speech or restricted speech
  4. Democracy or dictatorship
  5. Watching a movie at home or going to a cinema
  6. Communism vs capitalism
  7. The convenience of smartphones and tablets
  8. Life before and after COVID-19
  9. Role of peers or parents: What's dominant?
  10. Plagiarized information versus cheating in exams
  11. Online education or in-person education
  12. Going office is better or working from home
  13. Compare and contrast any two different ethical mindsets (it can be atheist vs jews)
  14. The world before and after climate change
  15. Social media as a blessing or curse
  16. Smartphones are connecting or isolating the youth
  17. Generation gap: us and our parents
  18. Having homemade food or junk: what’s better?
  19. Obama versus Trump
  20. Introverts vs Ambiverts
  21. Differences and similarities between any two religions
  22. Duties of every individual in the past life and today’s world
  23. Consequences of climate change on humans and sea life
  24. Controlling a wave of anger or spitting out everything: what’s better?
  25. Are poetry and hip-hop the same?
  26. Is there life on other planets?
  27. Life on Earth vs life on Mars
  28. Compare and contrast between any two versions of PSPs
  29. Recruiting and talent hunting department
  30. Online chatting vs cyber bullying
  31. Renewable or non-renewable energy
  32. Compare and contrast private and public schools
  33. Which one got the most retention: hard files or soft files?
  34. Egyptian versus Greek mythology
  35. The world before and after gun control laws
  36. Television or smartphone
  37. Blogs versus academic articles
  38. Who is the true hero: Batman or Superman?
  39. Gender inequality versus social stratification
  40. Gmail or Microsoft Outlook?

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