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In the academic journey of an essay writer, writing is the most unnerving task and a huge chunk of the audience of this blog will agree to it.

Students are always required to fully project their creative imagination at full length.

Many students in their academic journey have experienced days when they are swamped with assignments and they start typing in Google queries, like,

Where can I find an expert writer who can write an essay for me?

Is there anyone who can complete my term paper in 48 hours??

A lot of academic aspirants also have apprehensions when they come across an online writing service. The first question that pops up in their minds is whether this business is a legit essay writing service or not??

The first step should be the conduction of effective research, to lay the foundations for an impeccable piece of writing. Many students skip this important bit and this lack of dedication is pretty visible from the quality of their essays.

In this blog post, excerpts from two interesting compare and contrast essays will be presented in an attempt to show students what should be the writing style in order to get ahead of their peers.

Excerpt # 1

Everyone who has been through some form of employment is aware that favorable conditions at the workplace are imperative for productivity. These conditions are inclusive of trivial things such as water dispensers that are functional to mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues. Following a similar line of approach, one of the most significant factors of a good or bad workplace atmosphere is the manager who is behind the direction of different working processes. In this essay, the differences between good and bad managers will be figured out

Firstly, there are a lot of cases in which managers tend to regard their employees as personal assistants. Many times, this is deemed tolerable, as coworkers may comply without feeling emotionally exploited. But most often, highly qualified employees have to display compliance with some of the most inappropriate demands projected by their superiors. For instance, in a Japanese workplace, Julie had to stay in her office late after work hours because her boss kept her busy with various chores throughout the day. People who supposedly fall in such a category are deemed as typical managers who do not care about their subordinates.

On the other hand, there are good bosses who respect the dignity of their subordinates and always look out for them. Personal space and privacy of the other coworkers are also regarded as a special element by them.

Excerpt # 2

Since the advent of humanity, globalization has enhanced multiple aspects of daily lives. One such aspect is the preoccupations of youth, their behavior, and their hobbies. As compared to their counterparts from a century ago, contemporary teenagers employ a plethora of technological gadgets. The role which was previously restricted to parents and teachers has been more or less taken up by the advancements in technology.

100 years ago, teenagers had to look up to the traditions of their ancestors and follow their footsteps in almost all of their undertakings. The contemporary cohort of the teenagers are rebellious and show a tendency to challenge the customs and traditions of their parents left, right, and center.

Reading and carefully analyzing the above two excerpts might give you an idea about the potential execution of an interesting compare and contrast essay. Make sure that interesting ideas are made so that the reader remains engaged.

It is a lot of fun to make parallels between two notions rather than blabbering about a single issue. But there is a condition to it. . . .

Before you kick-start the essay, please, for the love of God, gather all the necessary information and data!

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