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Writing college essays is a dull job. Your professors have set so many rules and regulations for you that it makes writing essays a difficult task indeed.

One of the most difficult things in an essay is making it structured. You have the ideas in your head and you can put them on paper but forming a proper structure is beyond most people.

I understand. Really, which is why I am here with a guide which will tell you exactly how to improve your essays.

So, let's get started!

Step 1: Create an Outline

This will help an essay writer to structure his essay more than anything else can. An outline is a structure for your essay.

Here you define what goes in your essay and what to write in every paragraph.

You can even give evidence in your outline so that it’s easy for you to write your essay.

If you have an outline, then you need not worry at all.

Step 2: Divide it into Paragraphs

Ok, so you know that your essay can’t be one single paragraph. It needs to be divided into equal units.

Now, the problem is that you need to figure out exactly what it is that you are going to write in each paragraph.

Remember, every paragraph must address a different issue.

So, you need to decide what goes in your body paragraphs as the introduction and conclusion are pretty simple.

Step 3: Use Supporting Arguments in Paragraphs

Here is what is done in body paragraphs. You take the supporting arguments from your thesis statement and address them in each body paragraph.

So, if you have three supporting arguments then you get three body paragraphs.

This is a good way of structuring and it also tells you how many paragraphs you are going to have.

Step 4: End Introduction with a Thesis

This is very important and this is also something that students ignore on a daily basis.

You need to give some background and context in your introduction but it must always end with a thesis statement.

If you don’t mention your thesis then your professor can’t evaluate you because they won’t know what you are trying to tell them.

Step 5: Summarize in Conclusion

Again, this is also something that is ignored by the students. Make your life a little easier. A conclusion only requires you to restate what you have already written.

There is no need for new content in there.

This makes the conclusion the easiest thing to write in an essay.

All you need to do is summarize the main points of your paper and you are done.

Step 6: Use Transition Sentences

Why? Well, because transition sentences help to improve the flow of your paper. At the end of a body paragraph, include a transition sentence.

This will show your reader that you are moving on to the next point.

This will also help the structure of your essay as it will help to draw clear lines between Point A and Point B.

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