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Credibility is the code of conduct, either it is in an academic career or professional life, there is no other choice to succeed except for credibility. Since it is one of the crucial elements, significant attention is required to identify credible sources, especially in essay writing. In the modern world, there is a bulk of information and this excessive information approach has made it difficult to differentiate the right source from the wrong one. Considering this conflict, it is important to ensure that the information sources used for writing are credible. It is because conveying wrong information will not only lose your marks but it can risk your academic career or wherever the information will go.

I have very good news to mitigate this tension. You can choose an essay writing service that would help you to find credible sources. Similarly, they can even help you write your essay in such a way that you will be able to get good grades. If you are not willing to, or you can’t afford to avail of such services, I am a blessing for you. I will help you know some significant ideas that can help you find credible sources.

  1. Always apply the CRAAP formula. It is more like a test, where C stands for currency, R for Relevance, A for authority, A for accuracy, and P for purpose. An essay writer can visit goggle to know more about CRAAP because it is one of the most reliable and trusted ways of knowing the credibility of a website or a source. It can also help you in daily life to know if the website is authentic or it is a scam.
  2. Another idea that you should stick to is to use "DATABASE". Even if you can’t afford to sign up for the library of your college or university, there are several databases available online. One such example is Google Scholar that is readily available and it can help you find the most accurate and relevant material. If not, always prefer the online library or the database library of the school you are affiliated with.
  3. Don’t forget to check for the authors of the study as it is necessary to count the authors. In many of the cases, it is argued that a paper that has 3 or more 3 authors is considered to be credible. It is because, the greater the number of researchers, the more will be the options of success.
  4. Don't forget to see the tag, "peer-reviewed". It is asserted that peer-reviewed articles are most of the time credible. If you can see peer-reviewed written anywhere in the citation or database details, your resource is perfect for the study. Or you can ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.
  5. If the resource or the text that you are using for your study is more than 5 to 7 years old, it is highly recommended to look for another resource. In a number of cases and in the majority of the essay formats, the only authentic source is the one that is published within 5 to 7 years from the current year.
  6. The last but not the least point is to look for “pdf versions”, “research articles” or the “approved thesis and dissertations”. If you are successful in having any of these versions of the source that you have selected, it means your source is credible. Apart from that, after reading the abstract section, you can judge the credibility of the source. In many of the cases, pdf sources are tampered with, have any grammatical mistakes, or other errors, and such a source cannot be categorized as credible.

If you are able to checklist all the above-mentioned points, your choice of the sources for your essay is credible. However, in case you are confused, consult a service to process your write my essay for me request.

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