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Essay writing seems to be a daunting task among students of different academic levels. Students often refrain from writing an essay since it is a general misconception that essay writing is a hard nut to crack. Although it is a time-consuming process, once you grasp the main idea you can also write an essay that can grab readers’ attention.

Let’s be honest, as per Shakespeare, the pen is mightier than the sword. However, a pen may not be able to bless an individual with exceptional writing skills. But, the practice can lead to perfection. If you are new to essay writing and don’t know how to write an essay, then below are a few tips and tricks that will help you in this regard. So without delaying further let’s get started.


Feeling anxious after being assigned to write an essay? If yes, then don’t be because chances are you will be too overwhelmed and end up writing an essay that is full of errors. Brainstorming is necessary before you write an essay since it is the part where you not only come up with the essay topic but also figure out the type of essay that your professor wants you to write.

Pin down the topics that interest you the most and then filter out the ones that match the essay type as per your professor’s instructions.

Research the topic

Writing an essay can be tricky. But one thing is for sure that you cannot write an essay without conducting proper research. When you have selected a topic it is necessary that you look for authentic research already conducted on the topic to gather ideas. After that, filter out the most relevant sources, you are ready to write your essay first draft.

Catchy hook

The first impression is the last so make sure to hook the readers by piquing curiosity and develop their interest. You can start your essay with a quote or a question or even with astounding statistics related to the topic. Remember! Do not exaggerate anything, rather stick to the topic and try to gain attention by letting the readers know about your topic in the introductory paragraph.

Thesis statement

Your thesis statement can make it or break it for you. It works as a pillar on which your whole essay will be based. If you are unable to attain readers’ attention via introductory sentences, then this is the chance that you can hook your readers. A key to write an effective thesis statement is to be precise and do not go over the board while claiming anything. Make sure you have plenty of evidence to support your claim else it will disappoint the reader.

Tip: Avoid flowery words. Break your thesis statement into two parts. The first part must state about the essay topic and the second must comprise your perspective that is your side of the argument.

Body paragraphs

This is the part that is ignored by almost every student. Typically, students get too overwhelmed to cover all the instructions of the professor. All the body paragraphs of their essay contain ideas that are jumbled up and need to be polished and refined in a proper manner.

To write effective body paragraphs, each paragraph must start with a topic sentence, and then it should be supported with relevant sources as well.

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It is the last chance to make an impression. Thus, write wisely. In conclusion, you do not have to just summarize but also have to let the readers know what about findings. You need to restate the thesis statement and mention how the research conducted by you supported your main argument.

I hope the above guidelines helped you. But if you need further assistance the option of seeking help from an essay writing service is always open.

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