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There are many kinds of essays prepared by students. Each essay type needs different considerations to be successfully completed. The basic parts of any essay are introduction, body and conclusion. These parts differ according to the kind of essay. In the following lines, we will discuss how to write the body of an essay that is argumentative in nature.

How to start the essay?

You make many arguments during your life and sometimes you may not have to support them. However, an argumentative essay is all about making some strong arguments and then supporting it with some evidence. The essay is started by making an argument in a way that catches the interest of readers. It is better to produce a thesis statement at the end of the opening paragraph to summarize the claim.

Body of the essay

The body of the essay usually contains two or three paragraphs. A paragraph is started with a topic sentence. This sentence will inform the reader about the paragraph content and its relation to the overall topic. Since the overall topic will be revolving around the thesis statement, the content in the paragraph should be supporting the thesis statement.

The best way to support the thesis statement is to provide relevant examples, quotes and statistics. The elaboration section of the paragraph will show the connection between the discussion and the thesis statement narrated in the start. We can take an example to show how it can work.


Suppose you are writing an essay on the causes of pollution and the theme has been summarised to state that old cars cause more pollution as compared to new ones. The essay writer should start the paragraph with a topic sentence that goes in favor of the thesis statement. You may write that “old cars emit more carbon content because their engines are weaker as compared to the newer ones so they cause more pollution”.

This starting sentence is very strong because it is directly related to the topic and presents a valid reason. The focus of this paragraph is also fixed so you will be elaborating this point in the whole paragraph.

Strengthen the argument

The next part is to show why a certain point makes sense. The reader may not understand why pollution is harmful to our environment. This section will present research studies elaborating the negative effects of pollution to strengthen the argument. The discussion may include the effects of pollution on vegetation and plantation as well as the ecosystem of the earth.


There should be some examples of specific negative outcomes of pollution. These examples may include statistics of people dying of various diseases caused by pollution. Quotations may be used from various policy makers regarding the problems caused by pollution for them.

These examples should compare the levels of pollution caused by old and new vehicles. This will relate the whole discussion to the thesis statement presented at the start of the essay. The examples should also show why the facts are critical in proving the main point of your essay.

Connecting the whole body

It is important to note that the body paragraphs do not exist in isolation to each other and other parts of the essay. You can start the first paragraph with words like firstly or initially. The last sentence of each paragraph should set the scene for the next paragraph.

If you are putting some related points in the next paragraph, you can start the second paragraph with words like additionally. You can set up the body in the form or point-counterpoint. In that case, the paragraphs may start with phrases like on the contrary or contrary to this.

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