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We all know that an artist renovates his imagination on canvas through the combination of different colors. Debater is no different than an artist; however, the canvas for debater is his listener’s mind and his words are the colors he uses to paint his imaginations and rhetoric. Debate writing always precedes its presentation. So, no one can ever become a Picasso of this art if s/he is indifferent to the importance of writing an impactful debate.

However, this is not enough, for you need to defend what you stand for, and for defense you need ammunition. Your ammunition is your debate content, your arguments, your words, your expressions, your pathos, your logos, and your ethos. So, for that matter, you need to write an impactful debate; just like an army that builds its arsenal prior to defending itself.

If you don’t know how to write an impactful debate; worry not! I have come up with some basic guidelines that you can follow to improve your debate writing skill. Additionally, I recommend you go through some of the debate examples on varying subjects. This will help you learn debate writing conventions. Here are some basic guidelines that I deemed important for an essay writer to get acquainted with.

Instilling the topic: Firstly, as soon as you hear the debate topic, You should instill it in you, only supporting your side of the argument. This is very important. Never think about your opposition.

Design your arguments: To design an irrefutable and impeccable argument, you must know what the traits of the argument are. Use ARESR format for structuring your argument. It includes assertion, reasoning, evidence, significance, and refutations.

A catchy introduction: Start by a quote or a reference to a book or a movie whatsoever so that you have everyone’s attention. Then portray your stance. Give a brief on how you would be approaching the motion.

A proper informative body: You should be well researched on your given motion. It is a must that you should think of all the possible arguments that your opponents will make. This will help you in refuting them even before they come up and make their points. Have some statistics in your argument so that people know that what you’re speaking is based on proofs and proper facts and figures.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s suppose, your side of the argument is to promote the fact that intelligence is gained from genes and not surroundings.

So, now that you only think about your side of the argument. In winning debates, one key aspect is the synopsis/outline.

The initial step you should take is to frame the following:

  • NEWS

How do you suppose I would support my argument, on the said topic, if I were you?

Let me take you through a brief version of that:

  1. When human beings are born nobody teaches them to breathe.
  2. Evolution suggests that human beings have been evolving from monkeys (the entire process) Hence, our intelligence had to come from them.
  3. Experiments on monkeys are proving it time and time again that they are intelligent mammals.
  4. Various other theories hint the same
  5. Hence, surroundings cannot matter
  6. Conclude

By the time you reach the conclusion, you should try to make all the points possible to make everyone in the house agree with your stance. Conclude by summing up your entire argument.

Remember! Be prepared for all possible rebuttals. Record yourself prior to your debate. Listen to the recording and think of all possible rebuttals that might arise. Prepare yourself accordingly.

I hope the information provided above gives you a central idea of how you should write an impact debate. But if you are still a beginner then my suggestion would be to take help from an essay writing service and hire a professional debate to help you with debate writing.

Good Luck!

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