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A college application essay should be written in such a way that it creates life into the application. It is very important that the essay captures your actual personality, explaining who you are beyond your test scores, grades, and after school activities. The college application essay is an opportunity to share your goals, personality, challenges, life experiences, influences, and lessons learned. It is true that writing one is not easy, but with proper planning and little effort, anyone can write a college admission essay that stands out.

As an experienced professor, I can say that the most important mistakes which are done by students in writing an admission essay are a selection of words and organization of the information.

For this, I always suggest my students to ‘Be yourself’ and ‘start early’. Other than this, be honest, coherent, concise, and accurate. Here are some tips which can help you to write a perfect college admission essay.


Don’t get confused, just take time to understand the prompt that is being asked. Brainstorm all possible ideas which you can use to address your essay question. Believe it or not! But this stage can be very tedious as compared to writing the application essay. The purpose of brainstorming is to come up with all the ideas, so when you start writing, you understand and know where you are going with the essay topic.


Set aside some time and collect all the relevant events and experiences that can serve as a specific and strong example. This is a time for self-reflection such as What makes you unique among other applicants? What are your strengths?

Write down all your ideas

Remember! There is no single method that works best. Writing all the ideas will help you Choose the best three concepts which you think fits best with your application essay. You should have enough supporting details to best demonstrate your characteristics, beliefs, abilities, and perseverance.

Create an outline

By making an outline, map out everything which you will be going to write

Cook relies on recipes, Architects relies on a blueprint, the webpage is based on codes. What do all of these have in common? They all have a plan. Similarly, the rules for writing a good admission essay are not different. After brainstorming you will know what you want to say. But here you need to decide how you will be going to say all this. Create an outline that breaks down your admission essay into different sections.

Shape your admission essay so that it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. This will make your admission essay coherent and easy to read. Try to determine what will be the tone of your essay on the basis of your ideas. Stick to one particular writing style and try to be natural. If you still have a problem as you reach this stage, then it is better to take help from a college application essay writing service for which there are several good options at your disposal. You can share your outline with the expert to base your essay on or ask them to craft you an outline that you can use to develop your own.

Write Your Admission Essay

Once you get satisfied with the format of your outline, start writing!

At this stage, you exactly know what you will be going to write. Try to just let yourself boom out a rough draft without changing anything. After this read and revise, revise, and revise until you get satisfied and reach the required word count.


Be yourself. Admission officers read many essays daily and know very well the difference between the student’s actual story and recycled application essay. Avoid using the predictable, clichéd, and generic phases by creating your main idea with detailed and vivid quotations, events, reasons, and examples.


The last step in proofreading and editing your final application essay. Until this point, you have worked so hard but keep in mind that typos and grammatical errors can indicate your carelessness. Give some time to yourself at least 2 hours before you proofread it. This will help you to focus on actual words with a fresh mind.

A good college application can be the difference-maker that you need in your life. Just take a second and think about the college admission officer who will be reading your application. How will your application convey your background? What makes your application stand out among a thousand other applications? If you get an opportunity to stand in front of the college admission committee what would you say? So if you’re unsure if your application would be able to handle all that, why not try a professional service. You just need to submit your ‘write my essay’ request and experts will provide you with the best admission essay within the provided time.

You can get a lot of good ideas for your college application using the samples furnished to you by a professional. In the competitive world that we live in today, you need all the chances that you can get!

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