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Writing a book review could be a tiring task as compared to rating them out of five stars. However, it is quite an interesting and literary task. It helps you remember the things that you have read in the book and develop your analytical skills. It would be a very interesting task if you are writing a book review of your favorite book, not because your instructor asked you to but because you want to put your opinion out there. However, if you are a student and your instructor has asked you to write a book review, it would be a cumbersome task.

To make this task of writing a book review for your high school assignment a bit easy and organized, here are some steps for you to follow:

  • Pick a book wisely: when I say pick it wisely, I do not mean to pick a short book but rather pick a book that really interests you. If you do not have any interest in a book you would not be able to write a good book review. Therefore, choose the one that you are interested in and is easily available in the school library or online.
  • Read the book: There is no other way, you have to read the whole book. Otherwise, you won’t be doing justice to the book review. Do not even think of reading chapter summaries instead, you will write a terrible book review. You will only be able to paint the whole picture of the book in your review if you have read the whole book.
  • Take notes: While you are reading a book, you should take notes and highlight the important stuff. If you find anything interesting or strange, underline it. This way you would not miss anything important while writing the book review and would also not have to open the book again and again if you have taken the notes. I recommend using sticky notes, it helps you navigate through the notes and find the exact section where you write the note.
  • Give a general idea of the book: You do not have to write a summary of the book. Therefore, only give a brief overview of the plot and introduce the book. You should keep it concise as you do not want the readers to lose interest.
  • Focus on the author: In your review, you should keep an eye on the life and academic life of the author. You should mention how the life experiences of the essay writer might have influenced his/her writing. Similarly, you also need to provide information about the publisher and any other necessary data about the book.
  • Evaluate the book: You do not just have to adore the author or go on a personal diatribe if you do not like the author. Rather, you have to thoroughly evaluate the book. Look into various themes of the book, check out the writing style of the author. You should tell the reader what they are getting into without revealing the storyline.
  • Do not fear the adverse feedback: You should write an honest review without any conscious or unconscious biases. You should not be worried about getting adverse feedback if the readers did not agree with your opinion. Your opinion is as important as anyone else’s
  • Support your views: You should be supporting your views and claims by citing different quotes and examples from the book. Your argument would not carry any weight if you failed to support it.
  • Conclusion: You should sum up everything that you find important in the book. Give an overview of the plot and a brief summary of all the points that you have mentioned in your review. Link them all to prove your points.

These guidelines will help you write an impressive review. However, you can also hire a professional essay writing service to get done with this task in no time.

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