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Most of the students, while writing their assignment or custom essay, cannot differentiate between paraphrasing and quotes. Or they get confused about how to use quotes and how to paraphrase while writing an assignment.

If you are one of those who struggle with paraphrasing and quoting during your assignment, worry not! This article will equip you with some effective and easy techniques for quoting and paraphrasing.

Prior to starting with techniques, I’d like you to have an idea of how paraphrasing and quoting are different from each other. Or you can always get help from a cheap essay writing service.

A quotation is a direct account of exactly what someone else said or wrote. It is set off by quotation marks and should be accompanied by information about who said it or wrote it, where, and when.

Do not forget to cite the quote. It is even better if you cite it from a primary source. For instance, “Tea is by far the superior hot drink” D.A Lascelles, 2018.

A paraphrase is a restatement of what someone else said or wrote, using your own words, not the exact words used by the source, but conveying the meaning of what was said or written, in different words. A paraphrase is not set off by quotation marks, but it should be accompanied by information about who said or wrote the original the paraphrase is based upon.

For instance, D.A Lascelles (2018) was seen to extol the virtues of tea.

Too many (students especially) seem to think that changing it only a bit is still paraphrasing and so fine. It isn't and besides, you still need to reference regardless as I did above.

Additionally, if you find paraphrasing hard, simply type ‘write my essay online’ on google and you will be provided with a number of links to online writing services.

Paraphrasing is not that complicated. Here is a proper and efficient way to go about it.

  • It is not necessary to provide a reference when “paraphrasing”. You do need to provide a reference when “quoting” someone else verbatim, from spoken or published material.
  • You have to read the text in overall to get the main idea
  • Paraphrasing sometimes resemble retelling, because you have to read the text and to tell what you have remembered
  • Use your constructions with the ideas from the text and you will manage to complete it successfully.
  • Find the keywords in the sentence, replace those with the closest synonyms.
  • Identify the distinct components of the sentence (these can be seen as subsets of a super-set).
  • Rearrange the order of these sub-sentences such that the intended meaning of the sentence still stays the same.

Here is an example:

The sentence is:

We like playing hockey at this institute because it is one of many ways we can support the national game, which is more often than not, neglected by the country.

Here is how you will paraphrase it using the steps I mentioned:

  1. Identify meaning- People like to play hockey at the institute to encourage it as a sport in the country because they are aware it is not given enough importance otherwise.
  2. Keywords- “like to”, “play”, “support”, “neglected”. Please note that the words “hockey”, “national game” have not been selected by me as keywords because I cannot replace it with a synonym since I do not want to go too far with the paraphrasing.

Here are the synonyms I chose for the selected words respectively: “cherish”, “take part in”, “keep up”, “discount”

  1. Identify sentence components - The trick to identifying components is that each component by itself must be a meaningful sentence that comprised of three parts:
    1. We like to play hockey at the institute.
    2. We wish to encourage it as a national game.
    3. Hockey is usually neglected by Indians.
  2. Rearrange order- I will rearrange the order of the above components and present my final sentence after replacing keywords with chosen synonyms.

Hockey is more often than not discounted by the people, so we cherish taking part in it at this institute in order to keep up its spirit as a national game.

This may look like a long method, but I laid it out like this in order to explain the method. Once you start paraphrasing sentences more frequently, you will find yourself doing it quicker, without going over these steps, eventually within seconds. Practice makes perfect! But you can also take help from professional essay writers in this regard. Just pay for essay and get it done.

Good Luck and Have Fun with paraphrasing.

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