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The classification essay is different from a usual essay, mainly because it involves more research. Before you start writing, you’ll have to get as much information as possible, and then organize it into categories. This type of assignment is quite common, but a huge number of students are still struggling with it. Do you know why? It is due to the fact that the students don’t take them seriously and pay less attention during the lessons given on how to write a good classification essay. They just give general instructions and a theme, and you’re left on your own. Fortunately, this guide will help an essay writer to understand this type of assignment and write a great classification essay without a huge effort.

Getting Ideas

Before you start doing anything, you have to get classification essay ideas. If, for example, your social sciences professor asks you to write a classification essay but doesn’t specify the topic, what will you write about?

To give you a better idea of the assignment, here are few classification essay topics for college students to serve as examples:

  • Types of modern-day comedians
  • Types of modern literature
  • Types of democratic societies
  • People’s attitudes towards money
  • People’s attitudes towards procrastination
  • Types of diets
  • Types of atheists
  • Types of religious people
  • Categories of political activists
  • Study habits of college students

Making a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the central point of your essay. This won't be a straightforward arrangement that appears to be a piece of a course reading. It should cause the writer to get something, and that something will be enveloped in your thesis statement. In this sort of paper, the thesis statement ought to quickly distinguish the primary styles you will inspect as a writer.

Writing an outline

Once you have your topic and the thesis statement, you should proceed with the next step: planning. First of all, you should plan the timeline of writing your classification essay. How much time will you need for the research process? How much time will you need for writing and editing? You have a specific period of time as a deadline. Organize it in a way that allows you to add the task of the essay writing without lowering your efficiency on other tasks. That’s possible only when you start early and you cover smaller chunks of work over a longer period of time. Once you set the time frame, it’s time to start planning the outline.

Doing more research

The preliminary research hardly provided you with all information you need for explaining all categories you plan to include in your essay. Take your time to do some more research on the already determined categories listed on the classification essay outline. Now, you have to be thorough and find as much info as possible about each of those categories. When you cite reliable and authoritative resources in your paper, it will be more trustworthy.

Doing Revisions

It was hard to get to this point, wasn’t it? You went through a lot of research and writing. It’s strange to see how many students decide to skip the very last stage, which should be the easiest of all. You must not skip the revisions. If you are unable to proofread and rectify the issues on your own, then there is always an option to hire an essay writing service provider, who will always be there to help you to polish your content. Always start with the large view. Read the entire essay. Do you feel like there’s a gap in the logical flow? If that’s the case, you should include more information. Is one of the body paragraphs much longer than the others? In that case, you’ll have to get it fixed.

Clarify your message! Get rid of all unnecessary or overly complex words and phrases.

Finally, after thorough proofreading submit your essay with confidence!

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