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Much has been said and written about essays and how to write a good one. There are a lot of books and online material available that would guide you on how to write an essay. But sometimes it is just not possible for you to follow all those rules. Along with traditional education in this digital world, you also have the option of getting an online tutor.

In short, you can say that there are many means under which you can learn the best techniques of essay writing. One thing is important to note that knowing techniques or principles is one thing but applying them in practical form is different. In the same way, sometimes it is often tough for you to choose a topic for your essay.

If your professor has asked an essay writer to come up with your topic then trust me he is giving you a full-fledged assignment. Just like essay writing techniques, you can also come up with your topic only if you know certain rules. For your ease in this article along with techniques, I will also mention some persuasive essay topics so that you can have a basic idea about choosing a topic. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

How to make a splendid essay topic?

  • Interesting and catchy: Try to pick a topic that is unique. If you are unable to find one then think and decide on a topic that would be interesting for your readers. For example, for the coming few years the COVID-19 would be a hot topic to discuss where scholars would try to explore it from every angle.
  • Analyze your topic: Make sure that your topic should not be too broad otherwise it would be difficult for you to conclude. For example, if you are persuading your audience to lower down the consumption of fossil fuels then your topic is broad. There are so many fossil fuels just so just focus on one.
  • Do not pick an odd topic: In an academic essay, you have to mention sources from where you have collected your data. If your topic is too superficial then it would not be easy for you to prove valid sources. Just make sure to make a topic that creates relevance i.e. if you're describing the role of secret organizations in world affairs you would not find any data on it.
  • Prior knowledge: Make sure that you have prior knowledge about the topic you pick. Otherwise, you would have to start from zero and it may become frustrating for you. For example, you must have studied gender studies, you can pick a topic related to gender. Make sure to produce compelling arguments only then your reader would be persuaded by your essay.
  • An issue with multiple angles: Pick a topic with multiple angles as it would help you to state your position clearly. For example, many people want to legalize and ban marijuana. You can pick one side of why marijuana should be banned or legalized. Then justify your position in your essay.
  • Precise topic: If you think you would not be able to defend your topic then do not pick it. A topic that would take a hundred pages to complete is not a good one. The same goes for a topic that would end only on the first page.
  • Ask your teacher: If you do not get any idea about your topic then do not sit idle and ask your professor. He would love to guide you in the right direction. If you still need any help, consult a write my paper service now.

Potential topics for your essay

  • The sole power of decision-making corrupts the judges
  • Alcohol with other drugs should be banned
  • Marijuana should be legalized across the United States
  • Ethics and morality of abortion
  • Genetically engineered crops can bring nothing good for humanity
  • CCTV Cameras: Breach of privacy or necessity of modern times
  • Successful women and changing nature of gender
  • Sweets/beverages should be banned from school premises
  • Teen pregnancies and debate on free condoms
  • COVID-19 and rising trend of online learning

If you need more topics, ask an essay writing service to select one for you.

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