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Does essay writing seem daunting to you? Let me tell you, it is not as difficult as it sounds. If you are one of those who struggle with writing top-notch quality research essays, you are in the right place. This blog has everything that will make you a wonderful essay writer.

Here I have some mind-blowing tips for an essay writer to consider for improving your essay writing skills. These will be enough to help you ace your next essay.

Take Care of Essay Prompt

The first mistake students make is ignoring the essay prompt. How can you create a mind-blowing essay without familiarizing yourself with the requirements beforehand?

Believe me! It is very important to read the essay prompt carefully so that you do not miss any piece of instruction. You have to respond to each point in the prompt while writing your essay. Do not make your teacher look for answers.

Everything has to be done according to instructions, from a section of the topic to selection of resources for study, and the references required.

Research Well

No one can write good stuff without having read good stuff. Don't believe that inner voice which says, "you don't need to read stuff, you are better than others", tell him to shut up. You will never be able to amaze your teacher or essay reader by your writing if you don't know what is the stuff will amaze people.

Research is very important to craft a worthy essay. Plus, you always learn new ways to form sentences, learn a plethora of new words, and will find a new way to express yourself.

If you are not willing to do ample research, you may contact an essay writing service and ask them, “would you be kind enough to write my essay free online?” I am sure these guys would provide you with a solution to your problem. Even if they charge for the services you need, it’s a bang for the buck.

Always Follow a Structure

Before writing an essay, you should make the skeleton of the essay. It means that you should structure the list of all the topics before starting an essay. An essay generally consists of three parts:

  • An introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Keep in mind! Mind-blowing essays always have an impressive introduction and ending. After you are done with deciding what you are going to write, just pick up the best line or the best thing you came up with it and leave it for the ending.


Brain mapping to set priorities is the next step. The best points need to be stacked in the first initiative paragraph. However, keep two-three good points to add in the bottom and all fewer priority points should be in the middle of the essay. It’s called encapsulation.

Play with numbers

Sometimes numbers play a crucial role in geek essays. If you have an estimated view in the numbers, then you have an edge over others. However, this is just a bonus. Not so much important but it helps!

Think of Audience

Any kind of writing should center around who the readers are. How they feel, how they will be excited with your writing. This is the most crucial thing to remember

Proofread, then proofread again

A masterpiece is not created in the first attempt!

Yes, it is true that you must edit and revise your essay before submitting it. Proofread and get it proofread by someone else as well. And by editing I just don't mean cutting out crappy stuff but also adding quirky one-liner or those deep quotes you've read somewhere.

Add a spice, remove unnecessary stuff, and read it out loud, until satisfied. But, don’t use fancy language.

Prop Tip: Proofread and evaluate against the essay prompt to get an A.

Relax and Enjoy

Pretty self-explanatory.

Do you consider the essay a headache? You will never be able to ace your essay this way.

If you really desire to write a mind-blowing essay, always enjoy the writing process. Understand that it will make or break your image. Do not feel like writing sucks and consider yourself a pro writer.

Your essay is going to turn out fantastic, especially if you keep these points mentioned above.

You can do it, there is no rocket science involved. So, no need to stress yourself.

These are general tips but cover most of the things you need to keep in the head before starting your essay. Trust me! you are just a step away from becoming a brilliant essay writer.

Remember! Never risk your grade, take professional help if needed.

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