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You always hear of incredible scholarships. Getting chosen for a scholarship award implies your child will be charged less than the actual fees whilst also avoiding expensive school loans or other debt obligations. The applicant usually has to submit an essay under the format of scholarship applications, so it's important to have the correct style for your write-up.

Students sometimes get confused by the document’s alignment criteria, and you might ignore the actual scholarship essay format that is needed for your application. It is common that some students will not be able to recognize the difference between writing a common essay or an essay written for your scholarship requirements. An effective scholarship essay will set you out from the rest of the participants. Here are a few scholarship formats to help an essay writer hit the highest ranks of achievement, which will improve his likelihood of being accepted without any objection.

Follow Each Format Direction

  1. Standard guide;
    • Line spacing: Double line spaced (2.0)
    • Font style: Times New Roman
    • Font size: 12 pt
    • Margins: One-inch top, bottom, and side margins
  2. Avoid using any fancy font style. Arial, Verdana, Calibri can also be used.
  3. When you have to use 300 words in your essay, it's cool if you really don't hit the exact amount, like 294 or 310. But, if you give in a 450-word essay, they may not approve your request. It's indeed best to approach the range as accurately as possible.
  4. Writing a lengthy essay on all your achievements can be gratifying. Yet that's not what the scholarship board would like to see. Quality is preferred over quantity.
  5. Your essay must consist of three or more body paragraphs. There must be at least two or three sentences in every paragraph. Also, provide a thesis statement in your introduction paragraph. This statement describes what you are going to be thinking about during your dissertation. Understand that your introduction paragraph would be the essence of your whole essay. Similarly, each body paragraph will be carrying a new concept.
  6. Try to remain consistent with your ideas. There must be unity among each paragraph. Or else, the audience will be bored.
  7. Your essay would comprise three portions in total: the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
    • Introductions need to be clear and loud. You don’t need to mention the crux of your overall essay, however, you will provide certain mini details through examples.
    • Your body paragraphs must be fair enough to show the reliability of your topic. Each sentence will carry different ideas accordingly. Try to keep the sequence in place.
    • Finally, the conclusion will comprise the gist of your whole essay. It will conclude your main ideas. Never try to depict any new ideas here. Or if you want to include recommendations that you will also be putting here.
  8. Once you are finished, always re-check your question and relate it with the information you have put in. Students need to revise and double-check their essays. Proofreading is mandatory. A good essay involves many edits!

Some Do’s and Don’ts


  • You have to meet the requirements and other specific guidelines. You can compose a brilliant article but if you really don't meet the word limit rules or other formatting requirements, it could get your application denied.
  • Be precise and simple. Try to ensure that every section only addresses a single key point or analysis.


  • Open your essay with a relevant quote. It is a well-worn technique that is often incompetently employed. To use your own vocabulary rather than just to use someone else’s phrases.
  • Use words and phrases like, “I will ...”
  • Using thesaurus vocabulary which is unfamiliar to you. And sometimes you end up using words wrongly and it will also make your write-up awkward. Keep it pure and simple. The essay’s point is to speak your mind but not to show how fancy phrases or words you are known to.

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