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Imagine reading a book and then suddenly you find a few pages missing. Will you be able to continue reading the book or look for the missing pages? Of course, you will look for the missing pages since you cannot skip any detail. Similarly, while writing an essay it is necessary to create an outline first and then craft your essay according to it.

A picture is with a thousand words but if words are used appropriately then you may be able to paint a vivid picture in readers’ minds as well. A narrative essay is a type of essay that usually has a single motif around which the whole narrative revolves. All you need to do is tell a compelling story to the readers. That doesn’t seem difficult. Does it? Even though it might seem relatively easy to write a narrative essay as compared to other essay types, it is no doubt a challenging task as well.

You must have been tired of all those sleepless nights that you spend wondering if there is someone who can write my essay free of cost so that I don’t have to worry. Well, let’s just be honest, wondering about crafting an essay will not help. Rather you can take action and focus on learning how to create a narrative essay outline.

If you are interested in learning about the narrative essay outline, then you are in the right place. Below is a comprehensive guideline that can help you nail your narrative essay outline. So without further ado let’s get started.


Obviously, you will start your essay by giving an introduction regarding the topic you have selected and any other major themes that you are planning to explore in body paragraphs. However, the introduction consists of various parts that are listed below.

  • Hook: Captivating the readers is the most critical part of essay writing. In a narrative essay, you have the leverage to write something personal or invite feelings of admiration so that readers can connect easily. You can even start your essay with a shocking confession but make sure that the first sentence is not too overwhelming and make the tone of your essay polite.
  • Thesis statement: Remember! The foundation of your essay is laid on the thesis statement. It serves as a pillar for your essay to make sure it is cohesive and concise. You need to mention what your essay will be about and what they should expect in the coming paragraphs.

Tip: If you are claiming something in a thesis statement, then make sure that you provide evidence in the body paragraphs as well to support it.

Body paragraphs

This is the part where you need to support the idea that you have mentioned in the thesis statement in the best way possible. This part can be divided into the following parts.

  • Settings: Here you tell the reader where the incident that you are narrating took place.Characters: try to mention every minor detail about the characters that are a part of your narrative so that readers can connect with your essay.
  • Background: Your readers are not familiar with any incident that you are explaining in your narrative essay. So you need to provide background so that readers can understand how the incident you are explaining is changed due to the past.


In this part, you need to restate the thesis statement and then summarize everything that you have mentioned in the body paragraphs. Don’t propose something new or present a new idea.

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