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The debate can be an important part of your academic career; whether you are in high school or college. In high school, you may have to participate in class debates while participating in debate competitions on the college level. Normally, there are two sides to debate affirmative and negative and you have to choose one of them.

Affirmative means you have to agree with the given topic and defend your position. The other team would negate your point of view and defend themselves. In the case of negation, an essay writer has to be ready to counter it with the argument. You may only have a few seconds to come up with an argument.

Students often feel overwhelmed by multiple assignments and remain stressed out. If you are anxious about your debate speech ahead and you have no clue where to begin, you just need to take the right track to follow for your speech. I am writing down some simple steps and by following them, I am sure you would be able to write a very good debate. Without further ado here are ten steps to follow:

Step 1: Know your topic

It is important to study your topic thoroughly so that you should be able to come up with good arguments. You can get information from a credible newspaper, scholarly journals, and books. Brainstorming at this stage would help you to handle any situation.

Step 2: Outline of your speech

You can write an outline in the form of pointers to make sure that it includes the attention grabber statement, your stance, your value, contentions, criterion, and contentions. You can also include subcategories in these points for your ease.

Step 3: Introduction

The opening part of your debate should start from an interesting and catchy story. You can also start with a famous quotation related to your topic and start from 'Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.' In this part, you should summarize your speech in a few sentences.

Step 4: State your position

Make sure that you would state your position clearly so that our audience and judges know on which side you are. Do not wait for the audience till the end of your speech rather say it like, "My team and I firmly negate/affirm the resolution."

Step 5: Back up your stance

Present your arguments so that your reader or audience does not have any confusion about your stance. Support your argument with examples and evidence. You can also focus on the causes of the problem and do not get to present a solution. You can also include expert opinions and statistics if applicable.

Step 6: Use the art of persuasion

Persuasion is important in your debate as you have to convince your audience to agree without a point of view. If you combine the elements of logos, pathos, and ethos you can intelligently learn and implement this art. In general, it means to use your emotions, logic, and persona to convince the audience.

Step 7: Key points

You should memorize your key points which you want to deliver during your speech. It is important because your whole speech would revolve around these points. You may get distracted during your speech so remain focused on your position.

Step 8: Diversify your tone

Do not use the monotonous tone from start to end and try to focus on audience expression. Establish eye contact and get mastery in dramatic pauses so that you can get the attention of the audience.

Step 9: Strong conclusion

In this paragraph reinstate your overall stance and reinforce your position to the topic. By reinforcing your arguments, these would remain fresh in your audience’s mind.

Step 10: Smooth delivery

You should deliver your ideas smoothly with proper transition sentences. Do not randomly through your ideas in your speech as your audience may lose interest. Once you write your speech read it from top to bottom and make sure that the ideas are consistent.

These are ten simple steps to write a good speech if it is too much for you to handle then do not get worried. There is a professional academic essay writing service that you can hire for your speech writing.

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