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Expository online essay writing means exposing an idea. An essay writer has to consider an idea, evaluate or investigate it, and then explain it by using logic and reasoning. Most of the time the purpose of expository essays is to just provide information to the readers but some expository essays may include arguments.

When writing essays you have to try your best to make it interesting. Writing the introduction of an essay is one of the most crucial tasks in essay writing. It gives an overview of your essay and creates an impression on the readers. If you want your readers to engage in your essay then the starting sentence or introduction must be perfect and attention-grabbing.

The term essay hook is used for the introductory sentence or paragraph that grabs the attention of readers. These are baits for the readers. It allows the reader to decide whether they want to continue reading your essay or not. Sometimes, the reader has to read your work because they have to assess your work. The opening paragraphs may well influence their mindset, and determine how well they are able to appreciate your arguments and insights.

There are a number of ways to use hooks in your essay. For example, starting your essay with a question, quotation, hyperbole (exaggeration), strong declaration, or statements are some of the methods of doing it.

Writing a hook for expository essay

If you are writing an expository essay then following explanation of using hooks and their examples can help you in writing an essay that can literally hook the readers:

  1. 1. Question

    Starting an essay or a paragraph with a question is one of the most effective ways to gain the attention of readers. Generally, you also provide the answer to your question in the hook paragraph. You can also ask the readers to think about the topic of the essay. This will develop interest.

    Example: “Do you really need to be ready before buying a house?”

  2. 2. The strong statement or Declaration hook

    It is a sentence that makes a firm claim about the topic of your essay. You have to relate this with your thesis statement to show the significance of your essay. Opening your essay with a strong statement is a great idea as no matter if your reader agrees or not they will want to know how you support your stance.

    Example: “Online education is much more effective and cheaper than on-ground education”.

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  3. 3. Metaphor or Simile hook

    Using a metaphor or simile at the beginning of your essay will engage your readers as it makes them think about the topic from a different perspective. The person reading the essay will wonder what do you exactly mean and why are you comparing the topic with something completely unrelated.

    Example: “A business blog is just like a magnet that attracts the clients towards the company”

    In the above example, a business blog is compared with a magnet.

These are just a few hook examples that you can use when writing an expository essay. There are many other ways in which you can use hook statements or phrases. If you are still finding it difficult to write hook sentences for your essay then you may get help from websites offering a write my paper service. They have professional essay writers that can help in creating a perfect hook for your expository essay. Moreover, their sites even have expository essay examples in which hooks have been used.

These examples can assist you with your paper but if you want a perfectly crafted, well-written essay then you can place your order and a highly skilled essay writer will produce a top-notch quality essay for you that can surely get you the grades you desperately want.

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