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Developing a crucial literature review is sometimes the most unnerving phase of writing a research paper or any other academic thesis. It often seems massive if not properly organized and creates frustration among researchers in trying to complete it. Even many students at the time of writing their dissertation find themselves in trouble because they lack appropriate knowledge about how to write a literature review properly, and are unable to find proper gaps in the literature for their study.

So, let’s try to solve this problem and have a look at these few hints to write an effective mini literature review in a systematic way or you can ask others to write essay for me.

A Roadmap for Writing Mini Literature Review

  • It should be organized into sections that identify themes.
  • Literature review should be directly associated with the problem statement of a thesis and link relevant theory.
  • Blend results in a summarized form to highlight preceding studies and current literature.
  • Recognize and analyze the fields of argument in the literature.
  • Frame problems that require further research.
  • Evaluate the relevant published material based on the substantial concept of the thesis or problem statement of research.

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Points to Ponder

  • Remember, at the time of writing a literature review, the primary purpose is to pursue the reader regarding the ideas and knowledge that have been developed on a particular theme. It should illustrate the strengths and shortcomings of the existing work.
  • The literature review should be identified through a guiding concept such as objectives of your research, the problem that needs to be addressed in a piece of writing.
  • It should not merely be a frame of summaries and a descriptive list of the accessible material.

Steps to Develop a Literature Review

Writing a literature review is no more difficult if you will follow some important steps to keep it going in the right direction. It will not only save time but also result in crafting a smooth piece of literature. So, here you go with such steps:

Choose your fields of research

Prior to looking for articles, firstly select the areas of research that interest you the most. So, take into consideration that you only approach books and articles relevant to those areas. For instance, a literature review you are presently working on highlights the significance of intellectual capital on the performance of business moderating the role of disclosure quality and corporate governance.

Explore the literature

Carry out a complete bibliographic examination of articles and books in your field. Go through the abstracts that are related to the field of your research. Design an appropriate time frame for conducting a comprehensive search on literature material, but, it should not take too long.

Search for appropriate excerpts in articles and books

Skim through the contents of each article to search for findings, limitations, follow-up studies, and conclusions relevant to your research topic.

Stack the literature

Arrange the paper into parallel themes to figure out the main topic. Then insert each citation into a themed stack to ensure each excerpt goes into a stack. After completing, insert each pile of notes into a sachet labeled with that specific title.

Craft the Conceptual Outline

Inscribe the conceptual outline down before being unable to call to mind. Organize the ideas that are relevant to your paper.

Start to Write the Literature Review

Decide on any unit of your abstract schema to start with. So, it can be started anywhere as an essay writer is already familiar with the configuration. Explore a mini-conceptual scheme relevant to that topic through collective excerpts of a similar theme.

Hence, follow these steps to produce a thorough draft of a literature review. These steps are quite useful because they break the whole process down into convenient step ladders that make it easier to review studies.

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