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Paraphrasing is the technique of writing different pieces of information and ideas by using your own words. It is a representation of the context of someone else's work and is used to convey the ability and understanding of a writer about a specific topic. A research paper always has a specific size, and a writer needs to use that size to represent the ideas, information, and different arguments regarding the specific topic. In order to maintain the quality and relevancy of writing, the writer would have to adjust the paraphrased ideas and information from the writings of different authors.

In order to provide good research and essay writing service, the writer can use the following techniques of paraphrasing.

Usage of One’s Own Words

The paraphrasing should start with the reference of the original author but his/her work cannot be quoted directly. The researcher or essay writer should summarize the important and relevant ideas and arguments of the author’s work while using his own words and different forms of writing style. The best way of paraphrasing is the usage of one’s own words while incorporating the idea and arguments of the original author.

Give Acknowledgement where it is Required

It is highly significant to give the credit to the author whose ideas and arguments you are using in a paraphrased work. However, acknowledgments should be according to the author's work, not more than they deserve. If the author has proved something in his writing and it is supporting your work, then he deserves to be acknowledged. Scientific experiments do not prove anything as these rely on theories. Scientific experiments can only support or reject an assumption rather than proving. It does not require very much credit; a neutral statement can be used to acknowledge the author.

Fair Usage

For researchers and writers, it is necessary to have fair usage of the original work. The paraphrased paragraph should consist of only a small portion of the work of other authors. You can get in trouble with copyright issues if you use a large portion of some other writer's work. With the usage of a large portion of original work, the new paper will become a cheated form of an original paper. The new paper should be strong enough to stand on its own with the fair usage of ideas and arguments of other authors just to support your point.

Eluding Plagiarism

A good paper should be free of plagiarism. Paraphrasing plays an important role in eluding plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, you should use your own words and styles while paraphrasing and cite the source from where you get the ideas and arguments or you can ask others to write my essay .

Paraphrasing and a proper citation not only serve as an acknowledgment but also helps in eluding plagiarism as well.

Combine Quotes and your Words in a Single Sentence

Usually, researchers and essay writers separately write the cited work in their work. It not only makes the work boring for the readers but chances of plagiarism also increase. To avoid all these problems, you should write the cited work and your paraphrased work within the same sentence. It will reduce plagiarism along with making the paper more clear and smooth.

Use one or two Sentences to merge Multiple Ideas

The best technique of paraphrasing is to get multiple ideas from the original text and merge it into one or two sentences. The main focus should be on the main idea of the original text after getting that explained in one or two sentences. Even if the ideas and arguments you require are in paragraphs, adjust them in a minimum number of sentences. Lastly, you can hire a write my paper service to complete this task in no time.

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