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Some students often argue that essay writing is the most difficult part of their academic period. To some extent, they are correct because it requires a lot of time to research and find new information for your essay. But it is not impossible to write a good essay because throughout your academic tenure you have learned the procedure: you just have to implement it. With respect to critical essays, it does not imply just pointing out the negatives, rather it also evaluates the positive attributes about a topic.

Critical means you have to analyze both negative and positive points and come up with a neutral conclusion or solution. There is no doubt that a good literary analysis essay requires thorough research, effective planning for the first draft, and proofreading. If you miss any of these then you would not be able to write a good essay. It is important that you should divide your time so that you can write well and do not leave it for the last moment to complete.

If an essay writer wants to write a good essay, he can follow the guidelines listed below. These would help you to develop a remarkable critical essay to impress your professor.

Guidelines to write a remarkable essay

Start active reading

It will help you to stay focused and retain maximum knowledge with the identification of specific details. You can also analyze your topic from different perspectives and find data about it written by different authors. In writing critical essays, active reading would help you to present a compelling and unique argument.

Find example essays

Writing a critical essay can be extremely challenging that is why before starting to write, sit down and think from where you will collect data. Go to the library and try to find some previously written essays by the best essay writing service. It would help you to shape your essay and how to present critical analysis.

Do not summarize

A critical essay does not mean a summary of your arguments rather you have to interpret your critical analysis. Make sure that if you are using a summarize argument it must support your analysis or it would just fill your space without a purpose.

Central claim

Your central claim in the essay is important because it would tell the reader about the direction which you have chosen. You can also call it a thesis statement which will be included at the end of your introduction paragraph. In each paragraph, you would support your central claim with your arguments backed by facts and figures.

Counter arguments

Make sure that your essay must have a paragraph of counter-arguments because it would add extra credibility to your arguments. You would also be able to present your topic from multiple points of view. In this paragraph, you would negate your own argument but do not think it will nullify it rather it will add authenticity in your essay.

Include some evidence

Your evidence can be in the form of description, dialogue, and imagery that would support the main argument. You can find evidence from both primary and secondary sources. Try to find journal articles and books which also support your claim. If you think it is too much for you to handle, then you should hire a legit ‘ write my essay for me’ service. Legit services have professional writers who will write a well-researched essay for you.

Standard sequence

Remember that sequence is the key to a good critical essay. An essay must include an outline, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. The length of the body can vary depending upon essay length. Make sure that each paragraph has arguments backed by evidence. Your introduction would consist of one paragraph each. On the reference page, you should add all the sources from where you have collected the data.

Lastly, you can also get help from an essay writer service in no time.

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