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When in school and college, you will be asked to write various reflective essays. While it can be easier to write about life experiences, it is sometimes tricky to write about life. Students wonder what they should include to make it interesting and yet keep it formal and academic. But don’t worry! This article offers a complete guide on how an essay writer can write such an essay on life perfectly.

Let us begin with how one can define this type of essay. In simple words, you can say that it is a type of essay composed of critical assessment and analysis of life events. You can think of it as similar to that of a personal diary. But the key difference is that you must build the essay on the good structure while following all the grammatical rules.

The format of this type of essay depends on the topic and the target audience. As there can be various formats, the most common ones are in a diary entry or log format. When writing as an assignment, make sure to follow the proper academic format provided by the school. But if you are writing it for a magazine, you can choose the informal format. Now let us explore different key factors of this type of essay.

Now let’s move onto the next question most students have: What to write? Most of the time, the teacher assigns a specific event for the reflective essay and asks students to reflect upon it through their own experiences. That is much easier to write. All you have to recall that event or emotion, think about and write your perspective on it.

However, it is possible that the teacher may leave the question open-ended. In that case, you should think about the significant events of your life which create either a positive or negative impact. Rather than using more than one event of different nature, try to focus on one prominent event or more than one but of the same nature.

The essay must be based on one or more aspects of life and one example of such an essay is the essay focusing on personal growth. Many teachers assign this type of essay in order to help their students learn about analyzing their life experiences. In addition to this, a teacher may also assign literature to link with personal experiences.

The best approach to writing this essay is to first create an outline. For this kind type of essay, you will not need to research much, unless you have to include a piece of literature as well. Create an outline that displays the sequences in which each element of the essay would be included.

If I have to write my essay, I would start with a hook, then include the event, its impact, link with a literary piece, in-depth reflection, and finally the conclusion. Keeping it simple and clear for the audience so that they comprehend your emotions, its impact, and your understanding of life.

Then comes the main objective of the essay i.e. Reflection. Describing the events was just setting the base for this part. You can choose any type of event but make sure it is interesting so that you have plenty to reflect on. Include the details like lessons you have learned from the event, immediate and enduring impact, choices you made due to it, and the outcome of the experience.

With all these tips in mind, you now must be able to write a perfect essay. Now you know how to start it in a fascinating way and where to end. After completion, go through it. Do not forget to proofread it or run it through an error-checking software.

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